Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Variouses: Jim Hamilton, Potter reviews, someone-else's book, blogged

Howdy howdy howdy.

Jim Hamilton

I've meant to do this for some time. Jim Hamilton is Associate Professor of Biblical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a prolific writer, a speaker, a blogger, and a Tweeter. He's also a long-distance friend, who graciously has endorsed both my books. I raved about his recent opus, God's Glory in Salvation Through Judgment, but Jim has contributed a number of important journal articles, as well as his work on the Holy Spirit, God's Indwelling Presence, which was helpful to me in composing The World-Tilting Gospel.

Jim recently went rafting in the Grand Canyon with Andy Naselli. I don't know what I think about loading so much promising academic Biblical faithfulness into rafts. Actually, I do: I think dimly of it. Nevertheless, thank God, they're back, and Jim's blogging on it.

All that to say this: make Jim's blog a regular stop, and spread the word. Jim is a faithful brother who loves the Lord. When we get together, maybe we'll argue about old prophecy (Isa. 7:14) and new (Revelation)... but probably not, since we passionately agree on the biggest and most important issues.

Jim writes broadly and with vigor, and he needs more readers and commenters with brains and grit and a spine for Biblical truth.

And that, my friends, sounds just like you!

Potter reviews
Heads up on two noteworthy reviews of HP7B (in addition to mine):

Jaci Greggs gave a good thorough review, supplemented by her commenters' observations. We independently came to pretty much the same conclusions.

Professor Elizabeth Baird Hardy, at Hogwarts Professor, also offered some good thoughts and kicked off an interesting discussion among hardcore reader/viewers.

Some other guy's book, blogged
Megan Boneski has started blogging again, and means to write a few posts on some book. She's got two, so far.

Have fun.

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Chris Anderson said...

Joe Tyrpak, my partner here, has taken a course with Jim at SBTS and speaks very highly of him. And I agree: Putting that much biblical brainpower in water surrounded by rocks is a bad idea, even for Calvinists.