Sunday, July 17, 2011

The World-Tilting Gospel available for Kindle download now

To my surprise, I learn that Amazon is offering my literary maiden voyage The World-Tilting Gospel for Kindle downloads right now, about two weeks ahead of the official release date. None was more surprised than I!

(It may also be that they are shipping the hard-copies as well; I just learned that publishers will normally simply ship preordered books when they receive them, irrespective of formal release-dates.)

Two of my Twitter friends have Tweeted kind things about the book on the basis of reading the first half.

If you're a Kindler and interested, check it out.

And don't forget the giveaway. The magic number draweth nigh.

PS: for those who have asked, no, I haven't yet figured out how to autograph Kindle editions.


Anonymous said...

I had pre-ordered a copy a when they first became available. That said I would like the Kindle version. Which version will result in more cash in your pocket? I want you to be a happy author!!! ;)

Aaron said...

I'm glad I waited and did not preorder. I just ordered the Kindle edition.

I've pretty much stopped buying paperback books or hard-cover books. Most of them I read once and get rid of. Part of the reason for that is I just don't have anywhere to put them. The only thing I buy hardback are books I love and even then I often buy the Kindle edition (a lot easier to travel with although you still need one real book for the airplane).

Jerry said...

Purchased. If I run into you in England in September, will you autograph my Kindle?

DJP said...

Thank you very much, Jerry, and sure; I think my multi-purpose knife has an etching tool on it.


JackW said...

I could always send you my first edition Kindle to sign … I’m what you call an "early adaptor."

It looks good on the Kindle 2, iPad2 and iTouch which means I have access to it all the time.

I have really enjoyed reading the first 27% of it and will probably have to buy a few hard copies to put on the book table at church.

Lilian said...

As an admirer of your purple prose, I'm glad to see that you're now a published author.
I've really enjoyed the book and am so glad that us plebs from Down Under can also have first dibs through Kindle.
Have been reading it on my iPhone. It's a terrific read -- love Chapters 12 and 14 especially and would like to say that it deserves greater distribution.
Hope someone from the Gospel Coalition picks it up and reviews it.
May the Lord use it to bless his church and beyond.

DJP said...

Thanks so much, Lilian. It delights me no end to know that my friends Down Under are looking into the book!

I'd love to see what you'd love to see, too. Perhaps if the right person puts it in the right ear?

Thanks so much, once again.