Friday, September 02, 2011

Hither and thither 9/2/11

Happy birthday to my dear Jonathan, twelve years old today. As my wife is fond of observing, in all my childhood tales everything seems to have happened to me when I was twelve... so this could be quite a year for my "li'l J."

Now to it.

But first: who says cats can't do tricks? Sorta?

  • Randy Talley found another reason to homeschool:
  • Another Unions, Lawyers and Courts Will Ruin Us All alert. Thanks to that ruinous combination, in Arizona, it isn't actually essential that you know and can speak English well in order to teach, you know, English
  • Audrey Beale pointed me to 50 Star Wars Mashups, some of which are very funny.

  • California is like a cautionary tale in what happens when you completely entrust a resource-rich state to Democrats... and an ugly tale it is. For one thing, you end up regulating babysitting. Nope. Not kidding. (thx L Miller)
  • Discriminating, eclectic folks that you are, I'm sure I have some Firefly/Serenity fans in the audience. Thank Caleb Knapton for pointing us to a chart of 18 things you didn't know about Firefly.
  • I leave you to contemplate the (almost) self-winding spaghetti fork:
  • ...and these:


Jeremiah Halstead said...

I love firefly. Please, someone, get me some more firefly! Come ON FOX, WHY?!?!? NOOOO!!!

Randy Talley said...

I made H&T! Anything else that happens today is bound to be anti-climactic. Maybe I'll just skip work and go back to bed.

Have a great Union-bought / Politician-pandered-to Holiday weekend, brother.

Kirby said...

first, happy birthday to Jonathan AND my dear wife, Natasha who turns 40 today. T'was a good day to be born.

Back to School maternity clothes sale...o c'mon really!! That is so sad.

Being a dad with three girls who, thankfully, are able to attend a good Christian School where things like pregnancy are frowned upon, I can't help but feel sorry for the number of girls in our local government indoctrination centers who are convinced that pregnancy is something akin to the latest 4G phone. It's something that's cool and you gotta try it at least once, and I don't hear the teachers or administration there decrying the immorality of it.

Worst Jewelry Ever!!

If Jesus is trending in the twitterverse, should I change my sermon topic this weekend to accommodate all the 11-24 year-olds that will be packing the pews?

I asked my 15-year old daughter about the babysitting law idea, and her first response was, "So, you want parents to go out more?" All I can say is, "Thank God and Jesus that I live in Michigan."

Have a great weekend.

Al said...

Those back to school maturnity pictures must have really bothered you...

al sends

Marla said...

Worst jewelry ever, and I think it says something that most of the comments agree, and none of them seem to be inclined toward Christianity. Audrey will be thrilled she made H-T today.
Happy Birthday to Jonathan! My oldest son turned 12 this year too. So far, its a good year. :)

Have you tried the Community Coffee yet?

trogdor said...

Happy birthday to your son, and to my wife as well. Today will be a glorious festival of medium rare steaks, sushi, runny-yolk eggs, and all the other stuff she hasn't been allowed to eat the last nine months. Let the games begin!

On the Obama jobs cartoon - Not just because it's him, but for any president or politician, if the jobs plan involves government doing anything, it's self-defeating and I don't want it. Tell us which oppressive government policies you're going to make disappear, or shut up.

That child-murder case is chilling, and not just because it mirrors the plot of an old episode of South Park. It doesn't bode well that someone would even try such an argument, which not long ago would have been unthinkable. We've pointed out the absurdity that killing a child in the womb is legal but one second after birth it would be murder. It appears that they're attempting to correct the absurdity in the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how much spaghetti sauce would end up on my father-in-law's shirt if he ever gets one of those forks.

Rhology said...

Thanks for the link to the mercy-killing article, DJP.

Brad Williams said...

I'm with Jeremiah. Does it make me a weirdo that I secretly hope that one day Firefly will return. And that Wash and Book somehow won't be dead?

Word Verification:


Wendy said...

If there is only one reason I love Netflix, it's because I can stream Firefly & Serenity. I'm going to have to watch them all again just to look for Han Solo.

(For some reason, every time I read about TSA, I think of the theme song "...They can't take the skies from me...").

The divorce ring was just absolutely absurd.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh yuck... a divorce ring. Not only is the concept flawed from the get-go, but the ring is UGLY. Like something a moony adolescent girl would draw on her pee-chee.

Heart breaking for the murdered son of Creepy Mom. Seems like she was unstable for years and nobody got a handle on it. And how weird is the whole thing... if her ex really was molesting the boy, why does she murder the boy and not the Ex???

Love the organ donation story. Have you all signed up? In Washington you can have it recorded (for free) on your driver's license.

Happy birthday to Jonathan from the Grasshoppers :D


Robert said...

It seems to me that it is more likely that the murdering mother doesn't like some of the strings attached to relationships. I mean she asked the yoga instructor if he'd like to help her have a baby.

And the divorce ring...God hates divorce, so let's go make something obnoxiously gaudy (and ugly) to celebrate it! Of course, the pop culture churches these days don't preach that God hates divorce (even though it is in the Bible).

Robert said...

I didn't realize those signs were for maternity clothes until I saw the comments. Although, I will say that I remember driving by a high school and wondering what the small building and little kids playground was for...then my wife explained it to me and I don't know if I was more shocked or saddened.

FX Turk said...

No, I do not like Firefly/Serenity.


JackW said...

"li'l J." bday aok!


The Squirrel said...

Hamster eats box FTW!

Aaron said...

The babysitting law is awesome! I'm just happy I left CA before it turns into a third world state. But you get what you vote for.

Paula Bolyard said...

I did some further research about the body-liquefying contraption for a blog post this week. Did y'all catch that the byproduct of this process can be dumped into the MUNICIPAL WATER SUPPLY???? EWWWWW!!!

And of course, this all came about because of UN mandates foisted upon the UK because of their high cremation rates (72% in 2008). It turns out that in non-Bible belt areas of the U.S. the cremation rates are similar to the UK (the Bible belt is in the 25% range).

Maybe if we brought back the mood rings (I still have mine!) some of the divorce rings could be avoided. Just a thought.

And surely, that spaghetti fork is making that awful fingernails-on-a-chalkboard sound on the plate. I have a chill up my spine just thinking about it!

Penn Tomassetti said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!! :D

Hey Dan you forgot to tell us where we can get the spaghetti fork... :P

Moon said...

that last comment was by dear husband left his email signed on...

P.D. Nelson said...

@Frank Turk you don't like Firefly/Serenity! Now you're just messing with my reality.
Love the manly handshake poster although I have been accused of the death grip.

Pierre Saikaley said...


I have two girls. They're still very young. It's bad enough now out there. What of when they turn 15-16?

I pray that I can teach them well now-for later.

Really want to read the about Proverbs 22:6 in either of DJP's books.