Friday, September 30, 2011

Hither and thither 9/30/11

Been a rough week. First, I thought I had Monday off. I really was counting on that time to readjust, wrap my head around getting back into the grind... but nooooo. Then, I haven't gotten back to sleeping in PT after getting 8 hours back last week. I know: "Boo hoo."

Nonetheless, this is what I've been able to cobble together. It's smallish perhaps [not anymore], but I hope to expand up to noon. I hope you enjoy as I get back into the swing of things. So, off we go!

  • Dear wife got some for her coworkers. Laura Kelleher, unrelatedly, found this:

  • Another contender, from David and Melissa Elliott: bacon pancakes!
  • Late for school? Chris Carney may have found the answer.
  • I'd wager that Denny Burke never reads this blog.  Sniff. Um.. where was I? Oh yes: that being the assumed case, it's interesting to see him making the same arguments I've made about the fatally problematic phrase "gay Christian," and coming to the same conclusion.
  • Pretty cool vid of a modern samurai slicing a pellet mid-flight.
  • Think water balloons always burst? Think again.
  • Doesn't this look like a great book? Jim Hamilton, Rob Plummer, Proverbs, Deuteronomy... what's not to love? I've requested a review copy; hope I get it.
  • Susan notes that there may be an amelioration of the TSA's invasions.
  • As Miley Cyrus treads the path worn down by other "Christian" entertainers one wonders yet again: trainwreck-people and the entertainment industry, which the chicken and which the egg? (thx Joel Griffith)
  • Audrey Beale found us this refugee from the Idiots' Hall O' Fame:
  • Gil Sebenste brings us our "Lego project for the weekend."
  • Well, that's it for this week. Now as you head off into your weekend, just remember:
  • As well as all this:



Kay said...

I have the 'Keep calm' poster, a mug that says 'Keep Calm and Drink Tea', and any number of Doctor Who related ones which are good fun. There's a website where you can make your own.

David Regier said...

So glad Richard Dawkins is calling William Lane Craig out on his shameless self-promotion.


Unknown said...

Enjoying my freshly printed copy of your book on Proverbs. Thanks.

JG said...

I'm not looking forward to the new Moses movie, either. Not on Spielberg, but who will they get to play Moses? If it's supposed to cover his whole life, and they want to use one actor, then they need a young man who has the maturity to pull off age and experience. That's a very, very short list.

Mark Patton said...

Suppose to be doin' prep for Sunday messages, but God told me to come over and check out H&T. Some things "are logical, but others are just the power of God."

Will enjoy getting through this stuff this weekend (if I am done chewing on TWTG that is or if the Prov. book doesn't get here).

Paula Bolyard said...

Atheist on atheist violence: "“I notice that, by contrast, you are happy to discuss theological matters with television and radio presenters and other intellectual heavyweights like Pastor Ted Haggard of the National Association of Evangelicals and Pastor Keenan Roberts of the Colorado Hell House.” Heh.

What is with these sign-toting protesters? One of the news anchors, noting the people standing at the Michael Jackson trial with signs, asked what kind of people have that much time on their hands? Who has time to get out the markers and poster board and make signs and go down to the courthouse and stand there all day? Apparently there was one protester at the trial with a poster that said, "Latin Americans United for Michael Jackson" Huh?

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the Bill Poster sign!!!!!!!!! Coffee spewing moment : )

Rachael Starke said...

Can't read all the articles right now, but the picture collection is just one priceless laugh after another.

Rhology said...

3 copies of GWiP ordered. Xmas shopping for brothers and father - done and done and done! :-)

Susan said...

Wait...why is that "15 items" a FAIL? Three hands = 15 fingers!

(Okay, okay...12 fingers and 3 thumbs. But I still wouldn't call that a FAIL!)

Aaron said...

Ok, I must be the last person to get the discount. I bought the book on 9/30 at 11:59PM. CDT so maybe somebody got it at midnight PDT.

Everyone who watches Iron Chef America knows how to peel garlic.

Susan said...

I looked at that "15 items" pic again. I get it now. Sad. :P

Brad Williams said...


Help me. I have the dumb. What is the punch line there?

CGrim said...

Incidentally, isn't it William Lane Craig who refuses to debate James White (on the topic of molinism, iirc)? Or am I thinking of someone else?

Also, I made a "Keep Calm & Carry On" bumper sticker for my car, but there are some days where perhaps it might be more appropriate on my dashboard right in front of my face.

CGrim said...

For the "15 items" pic, I think the fail is that they have to put a diagram of fingers in their store so that people will know how many 15 is. If you can't count to 15, you should not be shopping, spending money, etc.

My 2-yr-old can count to 15, for crying out loud.

DJP said...

From what I've read, I'm no great fan of Craig. Doesn't make Dawkins any less the coward.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Ju-jitsu nun got my attention!

Kinda makes you look at the "sisters" a little differently when you know that crucifix could be your "last rite".