Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"God's Wisdom in Proverbs": do not miss the 50% deadline

As a reading experience, The World-Tilting Gospel and God's Wisdom in Proverbs are (and should be) a bit different.  The way I would describe it is by using a car metaphor, and a math metaphor. Respectively: in TWTG, a lot of the power is "under the hood." In GWP, I "show my work."

So you might sit down and read through TWTG pretty easily, then come back and study all the verses. But GWP reads like a study, so I would anticipate that it's slower going.

So, though hundreds are (apparently) reading GWP, there aren't too many reviews out yet.

Here's what concerns me:
  1. If you are (understandably) hesitating about ordering the Proverbs book because you'd like to see what others say about it, and then...
  2. ...if some positive reviews come out after October 31, and...
  3. ...if those reviews persuade you to order the book —
  4. Then you'll be all sad and blue that you didn't take the 50% off deal, which expires on October 31!
So since it's my goal for everyone to be happy (for the right reasons), I direct you to the reviews that are online thus far in the hope that they'll help:
Casey Lute, author of But God, reviewed God's Wisdom in Proverbs here.
Fred Butler reviewed the book here.
Robert Sakovich reviewed it here.
Kirby Johnson reviewed the appendix on Proverbs 22:6 here.
Also, you can read some of the endorsements here.

Kindle? An odd thing that took me by surprise in this, my maiden-voyage year for publishing, is the folks whose first question is: When will it be on Kindle? I'm told that Kress is working on it. But my advice is to get a hard-copy regardless, if you're at all interested in the book. It is riddled with footnotes, and Kindle isn't the best format for footnotes. Plus I think it's the sort of book you'll want to hold in hand, mark up, etc.

Plus here is the Table of Contents (click to enlarge):

So, go here to get the 50% off before it ends on Reformation Day, next Monday. Get it as a Christmas present. For whom? From the book:

Or if you've any thought of using it in Bible studies, I don't think you're going to beat 50% off.

Finally, perhaps some of you good folks are reading through it, and could make your own recommendations to help the undecided.

UPDATE: I just learned that Kress is extending the sale until November 30! But, rather than say "never mind," I'll leave this up, and maybe repeat it then.


Robert said...

So, I have written one of the aforementioned reviews, but I'll chime in with a few small points:

1. This book brings a lot of the depth of the Herbew language to the surface for us non-Hebrew study people

2. It also explains Hebrew poetry so that we can understand how we should read Proverbs (and other poetic OT books)

3. Dan's wit pops up here and there to liven things up some

4. He uses great word pictures to bring greater understanding

5. He refutes many false ideas that have been put forth and turns to the Bible in its original form to establish his positions on the meaning of the text

6. He is deeply practical in application of Proverbs within friendships, marriages, and parenting

7. He gives a greater understanding of what it means to be wise and the means by which we are to become wise

8. He really gets to the essence of the relationship between God and man in our daily interaction.

9. He details the literal definitions of the key Hebrew words and then shows how they are used in the context of the passages in Proverbs. And he emphasizes that we should look at who wrote the Proverbs and when they were written.

10. He brings it all back to the Gospel at the end of the book. It is good that he doesn't leave readers on the hook to figure out how to live wisely all the time because only Jesus has ever really done so.

11. I can not think of a person who would not greatly benefit from reading this book and putting it to work in their lives.

So what are y'all waiting for? Go buy the book and start reading it today! Then start studying the Proverbs with all that you have read in mind!

This is truly a gift that keeps on giving...

Anonymous said...

It is riddled with footnotes, and Kindle isn't the best format for footnotes. Plus I think it's the sort of book you'll want to hold in hand, mark up, etc.

Definitely get the hard-copy! This is not a book you'll want to just casually read through and check a box when finished. You'll want to spend time, and effort, with it.

JackW said...

Maybe we can get OliveTree's BibleReader to pick it up. Footnotes and references in popup windows would be cool.

Yes, I have started reading it.


Marla said...

I've started reading this, and really appreciate all the work you've put in, detail to the Hebrew language, and your lively writing style. I would *highly* recommend this -- it really is a jewel, and something I think I will come back to after I finish it the first time.

Robert said it all very well -- every point is true!

I have some additional questions for you, Dan(But I thought I would wait until I finish it completely).

If anyone is on the fence -- this is worth every penny, so by all means, take advantage of the discount!

DJP said...

Thanks so much Robert, Stan, Marla.

Thanks for reading it, Jack!

Rachael Starke said...

I wonder if the hesitation comes from assuming that "this is just another commentary". Or, perhaps they're like me and have heard preaching or read books that approach Proverbs as a random collection of moral principles, or as a prescriptive recipe for godliness, utterly independent from the rest of Scripture. And it's done real damage to their souls.

This book is not a sterile academic commentary, and it does exactly what all those other, frustrating books don't. It teaches people how Proverbs fits uniquely into Scripture, and reveals how the right understanding of its pieces really does help followers of Jesus do exactly what we were created to do - live skillfully in the fear of our Heavenly Father.

The best way to describe it might be as if Dan was your guest Sunday School teacher, taking you systematically and personally through the book of Proverbs and showing you how to undertand it and apply it.

Doug Hibbard said...

I've got it and I read the first chapter. Then other reading needs attacked and I haven't gotten back to it. It's on the post-semester list.

Here's my impression: if you want to grasp Proverbs, you would be better off with this book than without. And if you intend to preach or teach Proverbs and not turn Proverbs into random moralistic statements from the Old Testament version of Ben Franklin, then you need this book.

And you cannot beat the price if you're buying. If you're the author, that's another story...

DJP said...

Thanks Doug.

Honestly, my discount as an author isn't much above what you're getting in this deal. I am not saying that to complain in any way, I assure you; I'm just saying it's a really good deal.

JG said...

Yay for the update! I'm out of book money for the month, so that's very exciting news!

Doug Hibbard said...

That was intended to sympathize that a huge discount has to cut into your profit margins. Those of us on tight budgets appreciate the sacrifice.

God's Wisdom from Proverbs is my book purchase for the quarter. Anything else I've wanted, I had to hope for a free review copy. Which, I was glad to get World-Tilting Gospel that way. It solved a major dilemma for me.

Wendy said...

I just finished reading GWiP and I have to say that it's one of the most important books I've read in my 4 years and 48 weeks of being a Christian. Right up there with Slave by John MacArthur.

Don't get a digital version. Stick the hardcover in your hands... with your favorite pen.

Robert said...

Definitely get a hard copy. I have worn out a highlighter on this book and am planning to go through and add some notes in preparation for a small group study (if enough people show interest in having one - waiting for call backs on the invites we sent).

Robert said...


Just wanted to let you know that people in 9 countries have read the review. Here is the list:

South Africa

I know that most of these people are likely followers of yours on the blogs and Twitter, but hopefully word will spread through each of the people reading about your book. Still praying and hoping for a review from somebody with a larger audience, though.

DJP said...

Robert: thanks so much!

"Still praying and hoping for a review from somebody with a larger audience, though."

There's something about that I hope every last reader understands. As you would assume, I'm passionate about these books. They were literally labors of love: labors, because writing them was hard work; but of love, in that it was a joy to do and a joy to offer. And it's a joy that they're available.

So of course, I hope that both books get a wide readership and make a significant impage. Why would I write, otherwise? What kind of self-absorbed idiot writes solely for self-amusement (apart from journaling, thinking aloud, working things out, etc.)? Who preaches in the hopes that no one listens?

And obviously it would help build readership of the books if big names with big platforms and high visibility and big megaphones were to put in a kind word. That's strategic importance.

But to me, personally? Every kind word that comes from every one of my readers is immensely humbling, encouraging, and meaningful to me. It doesn't matter if you have no blog, a blog with 12 readers, or whatever. I can't imagine ever forgetting it - forgetting Megan, Rachael, Stan, and all the folks who've said something in public (or email) about my literary babies.

I hope that's clear. I'd be horrified if anyone misunderstood my heart's attitude on that.

Thank you Robert, and thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Kress won't ship to Canada...

DJP said...

I don't think that's true, Daryl.

Email tonya.waycaster, then @, then

Also, of course Amazon will, and it is discounted. Just not 50% off.

Robert said...

It is about $17 at Amazon (plus shipping...but it is in the free shipping category for orders over $25), but when I looked this morning they only had 3 in stock (with more on order).

Anonymous said...

It's actually cheaper for me to order it via than, even with no discount.

At the undiscounted (in Canada) price of $25 and change, I get the free shipping. From the U.S. the discounted $17 plus $8.50 in shipping.

Funny thing buying books...

I've e-mailed Tonya, Dan. I'll let you know what I find out.

Money's tight so I'm trying to see how cheaply I can get the book, to see if I can justify the expense at this point.

If not, I'll get it when business picks up.


benj said...

Dan, I didn’t start at page one of your book but jumped right to Appendix Three, Proverbs 22:6- Promise...or Threat? It sounds like others are doing the same. There is something in the air. Recently I had a militant homeschooler tell me this verse is a promise and, get this, in the same breath said, “God’s word wont return void,” as if their parenting template, with this verse as their foundation, will produce a Christian at some point in the future because this verse promises it! And he said that all other scripture could not be believed if this promise did NOT come true (he will not depart from it). People are putting so much trust in this “pithy,” “ironic” proverb that only future dismay and disappoint will result. Great job on presenting all the views and great job on explaining (translating & interpreting) the Hebrew words. Wow! The book is worth owning just for this section! And I will read the rest too!

DJP said...

Thank you, Daryl. Don't bust the budget for it.


DJP said...


Unserious response: I bet you eat the ice cream first, too!

Serious response: thanks for buying it. You read it in any order you want! But I do think at least the first three chapters are foundational for the rest.

Thanks, again!


Robert said...


The funny thing is that when you get to Dan speaking of the fear of Yahweh, you'll see just how flawed the preminse that militant homsechooler put forth is. If we only have to teach them up, then where is there room for depending upon God and praying, then letting God work through means? Sounds like works salvation to me.

Dan does a better job of explaining that and goes in-depth to develop his point in the text.

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting the table of contents! I have already benefited from listening to your related sermon series on this subject that you linked to a while back and am now looking forward to also getting the book.

So I am currently making my way through TWTG (excellent in its own right I might add) and am now on the verge of ordering this one as well.

I truly thank God for both your efforts. Its like a refreshing shotgun blast of Bibley goodness. If this book is anything like that sermon series (and I have every reason to believe that it is) I'd say you shot double trap and powdered 'em both!

DJP said...

"like a refreshing shotgun blast of Bibley goodness"

Dang, now why couldn't we have had that in time for the book-cover?


Thanks, glory to God

Dorothy said...

Kress will ship to Canada if you contact Tonya, but the shipping cost almost equals the savings (unless you order a lot of books, since there's a base shipping cost that only increases by $1/book after that).

I ended up ordering it through a more local bookstore and saved the shipping cost. Plus, the owner attends my church and brings books to me when I can't get to the store.

I've only looked at it quickly, but as soon as I'm done with essay writing (4 more days) it's on the top of my to-read list.

DJP said...

Thanks, Dorothy. Sorry it was a challenge, really appreciate your going to the trouble, and pray you find it rewarding.

Margaret said...

Daryl (and others outside the USA):
The Book Depository has both GWiP (€13.46) and WTG (€10.85), and they ship worldwide for FREE! I'm in Europe and have just placed my order for both.

DJP said...

Thanks, Margaret, that's very helpful. Here's direct links:

World-Tilting Gospel

God's Wisdom in Proverbs

Dave said...

Dan, It looks like I found out about the sale a day late - I am unable to find where it has been extended.

DJP said...

No, sir. Click on the link in the article, or the image in the sidebar. Sale's still on.

Dave said...

I did click on the link prior to posting and just checked again. Is the normal retail price $49.98?

DJP said...

No. Read the part under the picture. You'll get to this: "Use coupon code PLXUF10LALPY6 and you will receive a 50% discount (this coupon can also be used to get 50% off the selling price of many of the other titles on the website as well)!"

Dave said...

Thanks, I was expecting to see a sale price and did not read the coupon info. Ordered and confirmation e-mail received. Have a great day!

DJP said...

Thanks for your persistence, Dave!