Friday, October 21, 2011

Hither and thither 10/21/11

First, I must remind you: Today is The End. Or, if there were any sanity in the world, it would be.

(Of Harold Camping's reign of error, I mean. Link thx to Chris Carney)

With that out of the way... and assuming we're all still here:
  • We open with a deep question: how do cats always know when it's feeding time? Ours do. You almost literally could set your watch by them.
  • This week has seen some delightful reviews of The World-Tilting Gospel, including (but not necessarily limited to) Jaci's, Mathew's (now also with part two), and Kim's. I so appreciate all of you doing what you can to get the word it; it is immensely meaningful to me. Please pray that those with bigger megaphones than ours will see what you've already seen and shared so well, and will climb aboard and join in.
  • By the way, on that topic: I know that some of you have tried to do just that, to catch the attention of a "larger megaphone" or two. I really appreciate it. Be blessed. All you can do is all you can do.
  • Our Christmas list, right there. Five of them, please. Two or three might do. Thanks for asking.
  • Meme: 0bama won because he's such a great speaker. Really?
  • Vast oceans of fine literature available for conversion, and Hollywood picks... Captain Underpants.
  • If you follow me on Twitter, you already saw this. Developing the idea: were I a cartoonist, I'd do two Hollywoodites. One says, "Did you hear about that actor coming out?" The other yawns, "As a gay? Yeah. Whatever." The first says, "No, as a Christian!" The second sprays coffee, drops the poodle, and cries "WHAAAT??!"
  • For my 'Siah:
  • UPDATE: Can has tried again. Better? or worse? See, I don't for the life of me know how you run for President without being loaded for bear, practiced, rehearsed, and ready on this issue. (And even most pro-lifers wouldn't say "no exceptions," keeping in mind the statistically invisible speck of imminent-physical-threat-to-the-life-of-the-mother situations.)
  • Meanwhile, Texas Governor Rick Perry gets high rating from Texas pro-life groups, and signed a pro-life pledge that Cain and Romney refused to sign.
  • Fred Butler, always concerned that HT not come short in the "cute" factor, points us to some pretty awesome zoo pix.
  • Balancing that, however, also from Fred... two words: banana sculptures.
  • Dang, I hate it when this happens:
  • Hm. If only they called it how to make a bacon Reformation Day costume, I could get on board.
  • Those of you who (unlike me) follow sports might be interested on Denny Burk's reflections on the pressure Tim Tebow lives under.
  • I don't... mm, how to say this without causing undue offense? The decision to get a tattoo does not strike me as one of the finer decisions an individual could make. Yeah, that'll do. So, now, having said that... here's an individual who, to say the least and to be as charitable as possible, er...does not challenge my evaluation much.
  • Did you hear about rich guy Mitt Romney saying that the private sector is doing just fine? No? It was all over the news!
  • Well, except it wasn't rich guy Mitt Romney; it was rich guy Harry Reid. Which explains why it wasn't all over the news. (Also this, from Robert Sakovich)
  • Another reason never ever to exercise... especially in South Africa. (Thx Wm Dicks)
  • Just to drive the point home, once again:
  • Glenn Reynolds remarks (correctly), "Since it’s a Maine Coon Cat, he was probably surprised to see a bigger feline."
  • This week's Perfect Food:
  • And these:



Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

“Uh, Er, Um”... seriously??? This guy is really the President of the United States? Come on… please… tell me it’s the biggest practical joke of all time… I won’t be mad, I promise... ha-ha, very funny, now where were we?

““Allahu Akbar,” translated as God is great in Arabic”… really?, I thought it meant, “I belong to a peaceful religion”… oh well, learn something new every day.

I think it would at least be amusing if the “gun” tattoo guy tattooed a matching “bullet hole” on the top of his left foot. At least he could have a few laughs until someone mistakes the gun tattoo for a real gun and “uses” a real gun.

“California schools scrambling to add lessons on LGBT Americans”… I signed a petition against that, SB48, but haven’t heard if they got enough signatures.

Thanks for the HT Dan.

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain is just one more reason I'm glad my hope is not in politics.

Very disappointing.

Robert said...

Did you notice the "Internet" struck again in the comments to Trevin Wax's article?

I had already started having some second thoughts about Cain based on an article I read about his church this week. This whole abortion thing builds off of that, I think. If forced to choose between Romney and Cain, I don't know that either of them really is going to take the stand that I feel comfortable with.

DJP said...

Ron, thanks for starting the meta off by noting multiple items!


Robert said...


I always thought Allahu Akbar meant "It's a trap!"

JackW said...

My highlight for the week was learning that my despot can kill your despot.

Tom Chantry said...

Yeah, but it's still smarter than carrying a semi-auto that way!

Now, a few more thoughts about that states test...

David Regier said...

There's a general opinion in the rest of Colorado that those mountain lions in Boulder should be more aggressive, especially towards the wacky weirdos and tenured university faculty (but I repeat myself). Boulder has been described as 25 square miles surrounded by reality.

Oh, and thanks for getting Culture Club stuck in my head at 5:45 am. Gonna be a long day.

CR said...


Disappointing, yes. This last debate reminded me something that Martyn Lloyd-Jones said when he said anyone that believes in the promises of statesman is a fool and a ignoramus. I'll still vote for the Republican nominee whoever he is, but I certainly don't have my hopes in them.

AmandaE said...

I can only assume amazing things would happen if someone shined a laser pointer in the midst of all the cats.

Where I am, it's nothing but late afternoon sunny skies with salami and black olive sandwiches. Paul's imagery of labor pains feels more like Braxton Hicks...

The Squirrel said...

Great... Now I've got Culture Club stuck in my head... Thanks, Dan...



Pierre Saikaley said...

Apparently Harold Camping has gone into hiding.

Some good points made by James White in an interview with Todd Friel, including the fact that Camping has a false Gospel(confusing works/faith), a confusion about God's nature, (Sabellianism), and when asked about basic theology has no clue, but he will talk your ears off when it comes to his convoluted, gnosticistic(?), self-made numeric system of interpretation.

He retains some vestiges of his Reformed background, but makes his own rules of hermeneutics.

Summary:Rank Heretic.

Scot said...

Foiled again!

AmandaE (the wife) = Scooter

Anonymous said...

Will the federal government provide me with sand bags so I can jog safely?

Merrilee Stevenson said...

That Abraham Lincoln was wise beyond his years, wasn't he?

SO much here--it's obvious you are not on vacation or undergoing major trials, praise the Lord!

I really enjoyed that Trevin Wax article (and another one on his website regarding Jennifer Knapp on Larry King)--looking forward to your post on it.

DJP said...

Yeah, Merrilee, it's so timely I'm tempted to post it Saturday, but nobody reads blogs Saturdays. Except total obsessives. ahem

And then Monday is Monday Music... well, full slate. Don't touch that dial.

Kirby said...

First, Love the Coffee graphic. My kids have clamored for coffee since they realized we weren't going to make them hot chocolate 3 times a day, but there's always a pot of coffee available. We tell them A) It's not good for you, and B) Don't use all the coconut creamer up - there should be a higher ratio of coffee to creamer. Now I have C) - thanks.

Second, that Lego senorgif is cool, and my 13 year old Noah agrees.

Third, Cain. roll my eyes.

Fourth, those zoo pics were crazy good. especially - the smiling hippo, the 7 lemurs, the two seals poetically mirroring the two kids, the soon-eaten dragonfly, and the well-timed elephant.

Fifth, that antelope vid. That guy is lucky he's not dead. We had a high school sophomore from our school working in the corn here in SW Michigan, and one morning, someone spooked a deer and it ran into him, he flew 20 feet, and landed with a snapped femur. That's what we call a bad day in the corn.

Sixth, your link on people pursuing perversion doesn't come up.

Seventh, my coffee never spills in any cool ways - not even a face of Jesus with cool long wavy 60's hair. But it could, which is why I have the phone number of the local catholic diocese on speed dial.

Thanks for the hithery thithery fun and seriousness.


Robert said...

The link you put for Pelagius looked like a joke after I read the other items listed at the bottom:

In addition, a number of interesting seminars and workshops will be conducted during Atlanta’s diocesan convention. These include:

(1) Anglican Perspectives on Ganesh
(2) Molech – Monster or Misunderstood Reformer?
(3) An Evening with Zeus, Odin and Yahweh
(4) Living Into the Atheist-Anglican Tension
(5) Kevin Genpo Thew Forrester Presents Zen Anglicanism
(6) It’s Who You Know – Modern Perspectives on Arius
(7) Thor’s Hammer – Norse “Pagan” Influences on the Celtic Church
(8) Reclaiming the Marcionite Tradition – A Roundtable Discussion
(9) Toward a Canon for Our Times – An Introduction to the Gospel of Mary Magdalene
(10) A Shinto-Anglican Dialogue
(11) The “Orthodox Christian” Threat to the Church And What Must Be Done
(12) Do We Really Need So Much Bible? – A Report from the Scriptural Revision Committee

Then I went and searched and saw that they really are talking abotu reinstating Pelagius. In which case, I suggest they might as well take up the list above.

JG said...

Oh, cancer. I was told this week by someone on facebook that apple juice will give your kids cancer. I said, "Really? You think apple juice will give your kids cancer?" And she said, "Well, I think tons of sugar can contribute to factors that cause cancer." So, totally the same thing. :p

JG said...

(I should add, I'm not intending to make fun of cancer. Just people who think anything and everything causes cancer. In case that wasn't clear.)

DJP said...

Good point, Jaci; so let me also say that I'm in no way making fun of cancer, obviously. Just the way that it seems that someone, somewhere will say that just about everything causes it. Probably saying that everything causes cancer, causes cancer. So I'm doomed. So there y'go.

Wendy said...

Agreed, the gun tattoo was only mildly creative but still a fail.

Thanks, RealityCheck, for a big laugh :)

Just a week ago, I had a wonderful, godly woman (public school teacher) suggest that our local school district is actually a great option for Milo next year. Sigh.

Robert said...


With regards to public schooling, my wife and I were talking about fighting worldliness last night and when we look at how the world now holds up the government as their god - meaning their source of all that is good and right, their rock to lean on and shelter in the time of storm. We feel that there is no good reason to set them (or ourselves) on the path of becoming dependent upon the state in such a manner.

And that is the problem I have with this idea of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Yes, there is too much corporate greed, but the greedy ones need the Gospel and we need to depend on God to take care of our needs (through means - as is detailed here)

Mike Westfall said...

I can't tell you how embarassingly long it took me finally "get" the chameleon picture. Somebody hit me over the head with a clue stick. er.. umm.. culture club that is.

Sonja said...

The ketchup thing can really happen as I unfortunately found out from the adjoining table at lunch a while back. The upside was lunch was comped along with a reimbursed cleaning bill.

Remember George Carlin as the Hippy Dippy Weatherman saying that small amounts of saliva swallowed over the years causes cancer? I'm sure a study ensued.

Thanks Dan! H&T makes Fridays fun. Is it possible that Osteen makes a mention in his latest book? Nah. He should visit over here though, he could maybe learn something gospelly.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Dan, you remembered! (That it's Harold Camping's latest doomsday.) The boys have had it on the calendar since the last failed prediction. Their plan was to have a big party tonight, and watch "2012".

LOVE the zoo pics.

But a cougar ON THE PORCH? Not good. They're usually very elusive. Seeing one in broad daylight = dangerous.

And thanks, as always, for Legos.

Everything causes cancer. I remember hearing that toilet paper causes cancer, but I don't see people giving it up. Crazy.

Thanks for all the Friday H&T fun,

Julie and the Grasshoppers

Marla said...

on the Captain Underpants thing. REALLY? REALLY?

For the record, I despise Scholastic -- this, Junie B Jones, etc.; I've had to ban them from our house. My kids are bad enough sinners with out any further encouragement to behave badly.

The internet and atheists graphic is right on. *sigh*

Robert, funny joke on Allahu Akbar. :)

Wendy said...

In other words, no one does any thinking for themselves. (In the article, it did warm my heart a tad to hear of at least 1 teacher who was planning on not teaching the new requirement.)

When you actually sit back and take even a brief survey of how our government (or any government) conducts itself, it really makes switching allegiances to the heavenlies and trusting in almighty God the only logical and rational choice.

Of course, the fact that He's invisible, omniscient, and beyond comprehension might be a stumbling block :)

Barbara said...

Bacon flowers - Melikey

Bacon costume - given that it's for trick-or-treaters, clearly people aren't thinking about the folks who have dogs! I see a lot of ER bills coming up.

Doggone it, I liked Cain before, but between that degree of self-contradiction in so short a span of time and something else I heard him say today (can't remember what now, that was this morning which is long gone from my feeble memory) I have to shake my head and write him off. That man is dangerous.

DJP said...

There's an update on Cain. See if it helps.


Barbara said...

Aye. Oy.

Aaron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aaron said...


Read some reviews on those "self cleaning" litter boxes. There are obviously some that love them but then there are a lot of bad reviews that concern me considering the amount you have to pay to get one and continue paying by buying special accessories, litter, or liners. But I'm probably the one one silly enough to spend a couple hours at Petsmart evaluating litter boxes.

@JG: I don't think sugar causes cancer, but it certainly feeds it. One of the things I've learned living in the city with the top rated cancer hospital is that cancer really thrives on sugar. It's one of the things you have to really cut out of your diet if you get cancer.

Aaron said...

OBTW, Perry really is a conservative. He's not great on a couple points, but he's going to appoint conservative judges and limit regulation.

Setting aside the religion, Romney doesn't at all strike me as conservative.

Barbara said...

Oh NOW I remember what it was - Cain was talking about eliminating the minimum wage in poorer areas to make teenagers more employable. Utter nonsense.

Aaron said...

No doubt. It should be eliminated everywhere.

Barbara said...

So it's now October 22, at least on the East coast. What's Camping going to do now?

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

“UPDATE: Cain has tried again. Better? or worse?” Aaa... better, no...worse... I have no idea. The guy is driving me nuts. This is why I told myself not to pay much attention to any of this until 2012.

You are right Dan when you question how he is not more ready for questions on this topic, particularly, if he’s as pro-life as he claims to be. Pro-life or not, he may have shown he’s not ready for prime time.

DJP said...

Amen, Aaron.

Barbara, what now? He should repent and withdraw from public life. However, since "should" and "will" are not synonyms... he'll double-down, revise, and fools will stick with him and enable him. 2 Tim. 3:13

Ron, here's my bottom line: I don't blame Cain for not being able to answer some of the Q's being thrown at him about this and that. However, if (A) he's really what we'd call "pro-life," and (B) he simply wasn't prepared to answer or talk about it — that to me bespeaks an alarming degree of irresponsible disengagement and refusal to think and prepare. Such are not qualities of a leader.

I like him. I want to want him to be the candidate. I wish he could be. But this, to me, crowns other ineptitudes to make me think he is definitely not the guy.

greglong said...

I keep asking myself...Why isn't Santorum getting more play? As the others keep self-destructing, he continues to look better and better.

DJP said...

I think this finally has Cain off my list. Honestly, if he wasn't prepared for this, at this stage in (A) American history and (B) the race, then he really, really is not prepared (A) to BEAT Barack Obama, and (B) to lead the US.

Aaron said...

Let's face it. We like Cain because he's not from within the seeming political oligarchy. He has a witty sense of humor that isn't rehearsed for the crowds. He also has genuine business experience and none of the baggage that comes when you hold political office (namely, having to compromise to do anything).

But he doesn't seem to know much about foreign affairs (nor shown any desire to learn), he hasn't held a political office and so hasn't face the unique challenges that come with governing, and you can't tell what he'll do with social issues or more importantly, what type of justices he'll appoint.

Right now, Perry is my preference.

CR said...

Agree with you on Perry, Sir Aaron.

I know I'm not voting for Pastor-In-Chief, but I was really disappointed when Perry said he disagreed with his pastor. His pastor said that while religion should not be a test for office and that he could and would vote for Romney if he was the nominee, Mormonism was a cult and that Mormonism was not Christianity. Really disappointing. But I think you're right about Perry. We'll get solid conservative judges and more of a conservative executive branch. I'm hoping he can still pull it off.

DJP said...

Aaron, reluctantly agree across the board. Not sure about Perry, but forced to choose today, that'd probably be my choice. Reluctantly.

Aaron said...


I wont tell you that Perry is without his flaws. Where I live, there are some extremely conservative people, especially local radio personalities (one of which is my state senator). Perry gets hit pretty hard on occasion for some of his stances. But everyone of them has said, he's not perfect but there's no doubting he is a conservative (based on personal conversations with him, working with him, etc). Based on what I know, I agree. I feel very confident that Perry would be conservative economically and would appoint conservative judges. He'd be particularly good for Houston. ;)

Anyways, that's my opinion from living in Texas since 2006. Take it for what it's worth.

Aaron said...

Perry needs to hire me as spokesperson and to prepare for the debates. I would have ended the Bachman and Romney attacks very early.

CR said...

I have to admit, Sir Aaron, that I'm not thrilled about what his flat tax plan would be. I'm generally not in favor of flat taxes, primarily because it does hurt the middle class. The devil is in the details, but a flat tax would eliminate mortgage interest deductions, property tax deductions, state income tax deductions (unlike TX, CA has state taxes and they're high). Depending what Perry's plan is, it may or may not allow for deductions of charitable contributions.

The idea of a flat tax is good because everyone pays their fair share, but the middle class will take a huge hit if something like that passes.

Rachael Starke said...

FWIW, Camping had a stroke days after the March date came and went and has been in a nursing home ever since. IOW, he's likely beyond the ability to do more damage now, but not beyond opportunity to repent.

I've been unable to watch a single debate, not because of time, but because it would give me an ulcer to watch such a bunch of Bad News Bears-like candidates whack aimlessly at eachother with plastic whiffle-ball bats. I'll do a Mom McCain and hold my nose and vote for whoever gets nominated, but I'll be the unhappiest I've been in a while about it. I'm glad not to get sucked into the delusion that a really strong Republican candidate is America's ultimate hope. That's the only positive spin I can put on it.

Loved loved loved "The Comma Song" - running away to find any other song to put in my brain so as not to have horrific eighties flashbacks all day....

Paula Bolyard said...

Sorry I'm late to the party! Traveling this weekend, so I missed my Friday dose of H & T!

I had safely missed the comma song until someone in the comments went and mentioned Culture Club. Thanks for sticking that in my brain all weekend!!!

@Rachael, you're probably right on track by avoiding the debates. Mark Levin said last week that We won't learn anything new about these candidates at the debates and he's probably right. Everything there is to know about there is somewhere on the internet or will soon be revealed in a cable news "gotcha" moment.

There was an interesting article in the American Spectator after the Bloomberg debate.He hadn't watched it but had read the transcript. Very different from that perspective. His conclusion was that Perry and Romney were empty suits spouting off talking points and slogans. Michele Bachmann was great on topics she knew well. Santorum and Gingrich were the substantive conservatives in the pack.

Alas, messaging and packaging are 9/10 of the game anymore. Sadly and tragically.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

I think that article Paula mentions in the American Spectator may just have it right, although I’m not so sure that Perry gets a fair shake because he may just be too direct (abrasive?) for some.

I agree with those that have suggested that “we” have wanted to like Cain but that is becoming more difficult as time goes on. I don’t know where I heard it (Fox?) but I remember Cain being asked about Iran and what he would do about their nuclear pursuits and he said something along the lines of strengthening our missile defense. I’m all for strengthening whatever but it sounded like his emphasis was on defense, rather than offense, and that may work when shooting scud missiles out of the sky in Desert Storm but I don’t see it with a nuclear weapon. IOW, IMO, the comment sounded fairly na├»ve and this was before the abortion stumble.

It’s still early in the game (and boy is it ever a game) and the liberal media will be working hard to get the republican they think they can beat nominated.