Thursday, October 06, 2011

Isn't evolution wonderful? Sticky-footed insects

Money-line: "Clever cockroaches!"


Rob said...

I used to follow a guy on the Animal Planet (can't think of his name) who, time after time, would just make inane comments like "Isn't evolution just amazing?" over and over again, and I never understood how you could ridiculously be praising a totally random series of mutations.

Persis said...

Very neat scientifically, but the giant cockroaches are still ewwww.

Mike Westfall said...

Awfully clever little buggers, they are. I wonder if they can also solve the mystery of why the washing machine causes my socks to disappear?

Kirby said...

Capillary adhesion, of course. How did I miss that?

but my further question is: where do they get that much fluid to continually walk? Is that all in their bulbous abdomens?

Also, That guy is so effervescent in his love for insects, it's hard not to love them, too.

Maybe we should learn all the amazing truths about the Lord and extol them in the same way. Could be evangelistic, no?

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

I wonder if this is true for spiders? The reason I say this is because a glass jar is an effective way for trapping spiders, they always die inside the jar because they cannot climb out of it.

Which is interesting because they can climb up the jar, but not up and out of it. So I am wondering if this is because the inside of the jar is more concave?

Oh, why do I think about these things, I hate bugs!!!