Friday, December 09, 2011

Hither and thither 12/9/11

Fun week, but busy! Look for lots of updates through the day, once again.
  • We'll begin with some motion that just might have my dear wife re-thinking that whole no-dogs thing.
  • (Thanks to reader Kerry Allen for that creation)
  • This is as good a place as any for a little (serious) book-news, then. No, I don't have an Osteen endorsement to link to. That would actually worry me. I received an email from a brother spending some time in the Congo and claiming (probably accurately) to be the first in that country to be reading and enjoying God's Wisdom in Proverbs. Our own Trogdor (Nathan Machel) gave his first take on that book, and how God is using it to help him understand Proverbs. Then Heather did a delightful review of The World-Tilting Gospel. I continue to get emails from pastors and others who are using it in their churches, and buying extra copies to give away. For all of that, I'm very grateful.
  • America: the Home of the... A student was suspended. For sexual harassment.  Because he said a teacher was "cute." To another student. And was overheardnine-year-old student.
  • Gotta say: if these standards had been in place when I was an unsaved student... I'd not have made it out of grammar school. Nor would most of my buddies.
  • But in further development: that principal resigned, a development greeted (not very kindly) by John Podhoretz thus: "Dumbest man in the universe quits job as school principal, collective building IQ goes up 22 points."
  • Rock stars still enjoy such a glamorous image in the eyes of some. Kerry Allen reminds us of seventeen who died at 27, often as a result of their dissolute lifestyle.
  • Taking Nutella love too far? I think my ladies (Valerie and DAOD) would say "No."
  • Some perspective on how the MSM handles Cain and Obama differently. As to the Cain situation, I remind you that I offered my thoughts here. On balance, I am glad that he has left the race, but not why he left the race. My concern was more that Cain simply did not seem to have a thought-out comprehensive philosophy that he could  articulate. I do not care if a candidate can name the vice-wazir of Beki-beki-bekistan, but I do expect him to be able to articulate what his objectives and operating philosophy would  be in dealing with it and other foreign powers. To say nothing of the whole abortion disaster.
  • Plus, I agree with Rich Lowry about how Cain left the race; plus, I would add that I think it low-class knowingly to allow good folks to go out and give "Herman-Cain-for-President!" speeches, knowing that he was about to withdraw his name. Pay all the bills, then either refund or (if legal, etc.) donate to another candidate. Something.
  • Aside: this week's BibChr Unmarketable Skill Alert:
  • His prospects — and perhaps a chart to show your gamer kids:
  • Back to politics. Russ Douthat makes the case that Gingrich is about the last fella the Christian right should get behind.
  • Me? Today? I think our best hope is Romney running for president, with a really good vice-presidential choice. That's just my thought, not my happy thought. Ask me again in five minutes.
  • Think of history as settled? Not to some. Kerry Garrett notes a coming colloquium discussing how America started the war with Japan. Dang, turns out we really are the focus of all evil.
  • Sonja noted a cute cat video that has me thinking of times I've tried to make clothes fit that just... don't... quite... fit.
  • Andy Dollahite found us fifty pretty amazing animal pix, a few of which are a bit disturbing, though most are beautiful and/or cute.
  • Meanwhile, Mark Steyn makes some observations about our equally expansive legalism and shrinking morality, observations so on-target and eloquent that all I can say is: please, read, and re-read.
  • More Steyn: I'm sorry, but I'm about to overuse a superlative. In another brilliant essay (but be warned: it makes for unpleasant reading), brilliantly titled No Man's Land, Steyn brilliantly underscores the difference between increased regulation and specification and increased morality. Steyn observes, "A land of hyper-legalisms is not the same as a land of law." Further, and again (sorry) brilliantly: When people get used to complying with micro-regulation, it’s but a small step to confusing regulatory compliance with the right thing to do — and then arguing that, in the absence of regulatory guidelines, there is no “right thing to do.”
  • The only think Steyn is missing — though I do pray he knows it, himself — is the Biblical analysis and the Biblical prescription, as I discuss in relation to the London riots, here.
  • One last cleverly-named Steyn post, worth reading if only for this line: "surely one reason Muslims don’t keep dogs is because so many infidels are eager to be their poodles."
  • A recent from Twitter discovery for me is Church Curmudgeon. I went to his page, and noticed this, which some of you will think is pretty funny:
  • On the subject of Twitter, if you're not following me, you may have missed these:
  • "Atheists, by and large, confuse complaining with arguing, and whining with reasoning."
  • "People tell me I'm quite a wit. They're half-right."
  • "Sometimes a well-aimed question is far more productive than a statement or a defense."
  • "If the MSM had trumpeted and pursued 1/2 as much truth about 0bama as they did allegations about Cain, we'd be in a v diff place."
  • CNN clearly wants us all to shut up about Obama and his beliefs, since he "deliver[ed] a very Christian message" at the Christmas tree lighting. Yes, CNN, that fabled authority on things Christian. Their idea of a very Christian message includes lauding of Jesus as "a manifestation of God’s love for us." Further, Jesus grew up to teach us "that we should love God, and love our neighbor as ourselves." What God is that?, one wonders; and how does one express that love? And "love our neighbor" — except for the little defenseless unborn ones that can't vote yet, Mr. President? Yet with no apparent sense of irony, the President said we should "keep Christ’s words not only in our thoughts, but also in our deeds," presumably with the exception of His words about covetousness, theft, sexual morality, personal responsibility and all that.
  • Yeah, I get hot when cynical pols twist Jesus' words. Or anyone. (link from Robert Sakovich)
  • Oh, and then remember that President 0 wants to impose his own moral chaos on the world, and think about it. Okay, I'm done now.
  • Except, relatedly: the Bayly bros publish a remarkably good article by a remarkable teen on the misery that is homosexuality. Clear, articulate, loving, Christ-centered... and absolutely infuriating to the God-hating forces of censorship and intolerance, as you will see.
  • For our Star Wars fix: edible Ewok village:

  • Perfect food? Dunno, but I'd eat it.

  • Persis' cousin unveils Angry Birds cakes and other yummies.
  • Steve Hays pointed me to an article from February, lamenting a wave of anti-Semitism, emanating not from expected quarters such as Nazis and large segments of the Democratic Party, but from Ron Paul supporters.
  • In Oregon a man overcame and injured two armed police officers, was unaffected by a taser, broke into a local home, and was stopped by the homeowner. How? The latter made a more persuasive argument than the police had done.
  • You know what they say: when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. In this case, they weren't even that.
  • Don't tell my family this. Even if true, congregants doing it during a sermon definitely retards at least one pastor's performance.
  • Meanwhile, scientists are obligingly teaching our coming robot overlords how to scatter when they come under fire (video).
  • People who coherently acknowledge transcendent values do not trust those who can coherently acknowledge none. Breaking news? Hardly... unless the latter are atheists, who aggressively competing  with homosexuals for Most Favored Minority status.
  • Interesting poll about who among voters does and does not believe that people should be allowed (?!) to display Nativity scenes on their front lawn.
  • Darned well about time: 24 - The Movie may finally be getting underway.
  • Macy's fires an employee for not letting a man into a woman's dressing room. The man claimed to be sexually perverted, and felt this earned him an exception. The employee was a Christian, and felt it didn't. Macy's fired the Christian.
  • I leave you with thoughts of poor Humpty:
  • Finally, these:



Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Rock Stars Dead at 27... Lindsey Lohan may not qualify as a "Rock Star" but she is 25, just sayin’

”The Scream” Poster… I like it… it’s exactly what my reaction was when he won the Presidency… and pretty much every day since.

”Angry bird Africa style… Great picture of Obama after thanksgiving turkey pardon… what?... oops… never mind.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Inmaginary results of WTG (potential) Endorsments:

Anderson Cooper leaves CNN. Becomes a missionary to Tanzania.

Oprah publicly repudiates her new age syncretism, and starts a Christian book club with Dr. Jim Hamilton, RC Sproule, and Dan Phillips at the top.

Barak Obama aanounces he is longer fit for presidency. He has repented of worldview.

Ok, now for reality.

The Squirrel said...

Godzilla Christmas Tree = WIN!

(Yes, I read the rest, too...)



Robert said... about a wide variety of topics.

I think I'll show the Christmas tree fire video to my kids so that it will leave a lasting impression.

How about if Osteen just stops appearing on tv and spends time actually reading the Bible?

I have read about the kid being suspended over the "cute" comment and just scratch my head thinking "what kind of world are we living in?" Then I read the articles by Steyn and his thoughts on the matter seems to apply here.

I can't imagine that seeing the other recording artists has any effect on those going into the industry. It certainly hasn't to date. Quite sad, really.

Cain is black, conservative and republican, making him quite the open target for the MSM.

Gingrich definitely is not a solid candidate for the conservative Christian voter to stand behind. He doesn't have the same foundational beliefs...not even close. I think I'm going to be voting for Perry in the primary.

I like Steyn's articles and think he really does a good job of breaking things down. I am definitely one of the guys who says that if I saw Sandusky, or any other guy, doing that with a boy, I'd be attacking him to free the boy from harm. Maqinly that is because that is one of the things my wife and I worry about the most with our boys.

I'd make the argument that society as a whole has become intellectually and morally lazy. People don't want to think for themselves and the government is trying to make it where people don't have to.

I found the comments to his Muslim article just as informative and fun to read as the article itself.

Emir Caner and a curmudgeon similar, eh?

I had about the same reaction to the Obama Christmas message when I read that. It is just incredulous how the media reports such things without a good knowledge of Biblical Christianity.

Obama and th gay agenda...coming to a town near you! I wonder if he is actually going to campaign on those issues as he makes his national tour.

I have had other issues with Paul, but the anti-semitism takes the cake.

Amazing how it takes a private citizen to stop a criminal when the police jave already had a good opportunity to stop and detain him. Remind me what it is that we pay these people to do? Or maybe it is the pc training or beaurocracy that oversees them. Either way, they need to get real.

Poor atheists...they expect us to trust them and their totally flawed, illogical thinking. Let alone the fact that they have a false worldview. I can't imagine why Christians shouldn't trust them.

The results of that poll were hard to understand when looking it over. Especially when all of the party numbers are 87+%. Amazing how the independent and male percentages are identical in the yes column. I wonder how this turns out if you extrapolate it to cover each of the demographics in line with that of different parts of the country and the country overall.

I forwarded the Macy's article to my wife and some friends and told them to pass it along. Just the thought of a man being able to get into a women's changing room is not very comforting. Add the disregard for the employee's religious beliefs in firing her and my disdain for Macy's has grown...something I would have thought to be impossible for numerous reasons.

Love the angry birds picture.

Death or Glory Toad said...

I suppose there's one way to separate the yolk from the white. I suppose.

DJP said...

You first commenters have set the bar really high for an eclectic range of comments on an eclectic post! I appreciate it from all of you. Were there a prize for it, Robert particularly would be in the running.

CR said...

So who's our best hope for President?

CleanFlea said...

Now let's see him try that double dutch.

JackW said...

"So who's our best hope for President?"


I actually would love to see Gingrich win just to watch the aftermath. Years of entertainment in that.

CR said...

JackW - Dan said to ask him again in five minutes after he suggested Romney. I know anyone but Obama would be good.

Wendy said...

So in order to have a cat-safe Christmas tree, it has to be short, ugly and ornamentally-top heavy? Nice.

Christmas fires worry to me to no end. A few years ago, for our mega-Christmas-Eve-dinner, my aunt lit her fireplace. A spark landed on the roof and started a fire. Thankfully, we were outside bbq'ing the steaks and were able to call the F.D. before too much damage....but while one of them was on the roof, he slipped and fell, with full gear on, into the pool and had to be rescued from drowning.

From the Steyn article, I think I am more upset with the mother to said a groin-kick was sexual harrassment. She's raising a boy, doesn't she know how they interact??? Not saying it's OK, but....

I saw some Angry Birds paraphernalia at the store the other many brainless gits does it take to make an app that popular??

Loved the rest of the graphics at the bottom. Rifle training was certainly my favorite part of boot camp.

P.S. I think you should have special signature (like centurion) just so you have a reason to have that Nathan Fillion graphic on every page.

DJP said...

Wendy: first, LOL at the last line. That's very tempting. Isn't that just a wonderful graphic? It so sums up what makes Fillion great. When I saw it, I knew I had to use it, but already had some for HT... and then that outrageous statement from Craig popped up, I responded, and immediately thought - "Ooh, wait... there it is."

I agree with people who think there's just basically a war on men in our society. Manly men, anyway. And it starts in boyhood: every year, it's just harder and harder for a boy to be a boy. They're being pressed into being little girls, or at least little metrosexuals.

Doug Hibbard said...

Our best hope?

Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi..

Oh, wait, I'm mixing my paragraphs.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

So who's our best hope for President?

With responses like this one, I'm thinking we could do a lot worse than this guy. Watching him answer a question compared to um, ah, um, um, ah, Obama is like listening in on a conversation at the adult table vs. the kids table at a family get together. Although I’ll admit, most kids are even more interesting to listen to than Obama.

DJP said...

Gingrich is to politics as Driscoll is to theology, no?

See Girl With Little Curl.

JackW said...

Romney is to politics as McCain and Dole were to politics ... dull establishment losers.

FX Turk said...

In the future, all gingerbread houses will be TARDISes.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Gingrich is to politics as Driscoll is to theology, no?

Maybe, but I can’t stand to (and therefore don’t) listen to Driscoll, but I can listen to Gingrich. Now that may just be because I am more sensitive to biblical abuse vs. political abuse.

In the end we will have to pick from the choices we are given or end up helping Obama to get re-elected by not voting at all. At the moment, it’s between Romney and Gingrich, to which I would pick Gingrich… but ask me in five minutes and I might have changed my mind. ;-)

DJP said...

Yeah, bro, definitely heard that.

My pick would be a candidate with many of Perry's experience and accomplishments, Gingrich's bright mind and aggressive verbal effectiveness, Romney's business acumen and civil morality, Santorum's judgment and pro-life record, and Bachmann's tenacity.

Aaron said...

I have a timer on my Christmas tree lights. I also have a fake tree...LOL.

I agree about the cats. I have two new kittens and we had to forgo our usual decorations for unbreakable ones.

Come on, you didn't know Ron Paul and many of his followers are anti-semitic? Ultra-libertarians generally fall into that camp.

The mother of the boy that delivered the groin kick should do what they teach us...tell everyone he aimed for the anterior femoral nerve and the subject moved causing contact elsewhere. I'd also argue the other boy caused the contact and therefore, he was the one who initiated the sexual harrassment.

I also will tell you that in my job I see the effects of exactly what Mark Steyn has said. People don't think what they did was wrong they think only whether it was in the regulations of the law.

DJP said...

So... it was actually Boy B who sexually harassed Boy A by touching his foot with his groin.



Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

"My pick would be a candidate with many of Perry's experience and accomplishments, Gingrich's bright mind and aggressive verbal effectiveness, Romney's business acumen and civil morality, Santorum's judgment and pro-life record, and Bachmann's tenacity."

Wow, wouldn’t that be great! Just throw in a Marco Rubio for VP and add a little John Bolton for Secretary of State and I just might stop thinking that America is in her last days. ;-)

BTW, isn’t it interesting how easy it is to think of how putting the top Republicans together equals something really worthwhile vs. putting the top democrats together and ending up with a pile of… well… let’s just say… something less worthwhile.

Unknown said...

quick correction: the shooting the you said happened in Oregon happened in Washington. Not that I read the article; it couldn't have happened in Oregon. Absence of warm hugs from the peaceful community consultants (cops), use of a taser, a gun in the home, and no week long vigil/campout outside the homeowners house lamenting the infringement of the intruders rights to live FREE!!!!

I lied.

I did read the article.

Dude was a bad shot.

rwt said...

The sniper poster reminded me of this:

Just in time for the holidays.

Aaron said...

DJP: exactly. The civil suit would be awesome.

Paula Bolyard said...

"Gingrich is to politics as Driscoll is to theology, no?

Interesting. While I suppose some would disagree, I don't think it's a stretch to believe Driscoll is a sanctified believer and is on our "team." OTOH, there's ample evidence to demonstrate that Gingrich is not the true blue conservative he's purporting to be this year.

If he gets the nomination, I think it will be an abject failure for the Tea Party. He represents everything the Tea Party is against. He's the typical Washington beltway insider whose only redeeming quality as a candidate is his ability to effectively speak and debate. Which is how the Dems chose their guy last time around. How's that working out?

I agree with your hybrid candidate, though! If only.

Steyn and Levin are two of my favorite conservative communicators. I pray for their salvation. It would be amazing to have them switch over to our team and use their skills and their platforms for the Kingdom.

CR said...

Did you swallow your own vomit Dan when you said Romney would be our best hope for President?

DJP said...

Let me 'splain.

What I meant was that it looks as if that is the best we can hope for, given the way things have gone and where they are. Not that it's optimum. I haven't changed, Romney's just about my last choice, shy of Obama.

In a healthy country with a healthy GOP, we'd be choosing among the choice. We aren't.

CR said...

Oh I totally understand and completely agree with you.

Moon said...

Valerie doesn't like dogs??? :'( but puppies are so cute!! and loving! and obedient! :D unlike *cough*cats*cough*

Nutella: wouldn't that encourage nail bitting?? plus it's kinda gross, all the bacteria, dirt, scum, etc under our nails...

Shoeburger I would definitely eat it, entirelly in one sitting...I have a big stomach (un barril sin fondo...a barrel with no end..yup that's me) :D and a love for burgers :)

Japan: which is why I think that if America keeps insisting of sanctioning Iran more and more, they will be pushed to make a nuclear weapon and star a war against america. I definitely don't defend Iran, but I don't defend the way this country is handling the Iranian situation.

Macys: This country is soooo backwards! Because that then gives other sexual perverts permission to dress like women and go into fitting rooms pretending to be transgender to either rape or sexually harrass women.

Marla said...

Mark Steyn and the homeowner with the better 'argument' -- you and I read a lot of the same stuff.
I have a son who is mentally disabled, and I am concerned more and more about predators now than when he was younger. The creeps are practically everywhere now, and have near-government endorsement for what they are doing. As he gets older -- there are actual guidelines that say he can 'consent' because of his chronological age, even if his mental capacity is much, much younger.

I know that is a little off-topic, but that's what I think of now when I read those type of articles about people that engage in deviant behavior. :(

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

There’s obviously much to commend about Steyn’s articles. For me he gets the closet to nailing it right here in the second piece of “No Man's Land” when he says:

"…burning barns isn’t wrong because it’s illegal, it’s illegal because it’s wrong. A society that no longer understands that distinction is in deep trouble."

Mark clearly gets that we are indeed in deep deep trouble but, as you point out Dan, he doesn’t say why, or how to fix it.

I also hope he does know himself what’s missing, but I doubt it. I doubt it because I know that I couldn’t possibly read what he wrote, let alone write it myself, without thinking (and mentioning) Romans 1, especially Romans 1:28 where it mentions ”God gave them over to a depraved mind”.

If not knowing what to do when seeing the rape of a 10 year old boy by a grown man doesn’t equal a depraved mind, then I don’t know what does.

DJP said...

I've read that Steyn attends an American Baptist Church. That can mean anything. It is (or so I once heard) the most liberal Baptist denomination, but in the 80s I briefly candidated for one that was very conservative (duh). So, who knows what he hears there?

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Hey, it could be worse; he could attend Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. LOL, could you imagine?

DJP said...

Oh, I don't think my dear wife positively dislikes all dogs. She's just always loved cats, and dogs are slobberier and higher-upkeep. But I think she agrees that a well-trained dog can be a great friend and help.

If I ever were to get one, I'd probably first look into Labs. Best dog I ever knew was a black Lab named Cleo.

Robert-the-Chemist said...

Ron Paul anti-Semitic???
Oh, come on people! As we say down in the South "That dog's not gonna' hunt!"
It's one thing to disagree with his proposed policies, but this kind of statement borders on slander. Let Dr. Walter Block (a Jewish economist) answer far better than I ever could.

"Is Ron Paul an anti-Semite? To even ask this question is to insult this good man. I am of a Jewish background and I have known Dr. Paul for more decades than either of us would be happy to admit. I have had numerous discussions with him, I have broken bread with him on more than a few occasions, and have attended many conferences with him. I tell you, my "nose" for this sort of thing is as a good as any other Jew’s, and never have I encountered even the slightest whiff of anything of this sort in my long association with Ron. My friends Murray Sabrin and David Gordon have had similar experiences with this member of the House of Representatives, and fully share my assessment. There could hardly be an organization Jews for Ron Paul were there any scintilla of doubt about Dr. Paul on this matter. Want some more evidence? The two economists who are the favorites of the next president of the U.S. [comment-Dr. Block MAY be a tad bit optimistic at this point] are the Jewish intellectuals Murray N. Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises. Ron Paul never tires of citing them when he discusses not only economic subjects such as money, the business cycle, unemployment, Austrian economics, but also, ethics, liberty, freedom. These two are his greatest intellectual and moral influences. Can anyone imagine a real anti-Semite befriending the likes of me, Gordon and Sabrin, welcoming an organization of Jews dedicated to supporting him, and mentioning two prominent Jews as his prime mentors?"
-from "Open Letter to the Republican Jewish Coalition"
-which can be read at

DJP said...

Postscript from the Life of a Semi-Famous Blogger

Look at the first animation.

Over the weekend, dear wife became exercised over my failure to shut a cabinet... and said maybe she needed to get a dog.


Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Ron Paul anti-Semitic???
Oh, come on people! As we say down in the South "That dog's not gonna' hunt!"

Ron Paul wishes Israel did not exist