Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Terrific December deals from Kress, topped by John Kitchen's The Pastoral Epistles for Pastors

Hola, amigos.

Kress Biblical Resources is offering four books at a staggering 75% discount for the Christmas month of December for American buyers.

I am only personally familiar with one of the books: John Kitchen's The Pastoral Epistle for Pastors. John is pastor of a CMA church in Ohio. My first contact with him came when I reviewed his commentary on Proverbs. That began a bit of a correspondence cyber-friendship, which led to John's gracious agreement to read and critique the manuscript of my own book of Proverbs studies.

I actually mean to provide a more thorough (at least) survey of the book. But for now I can say this: John is a very careful reader and commenter. He brings to my mind R. C. H. Lenski in this regard: he pores over every word and point of grammar with great care and reverence. John has a high regard for the text, and loves God. We're not exact matches doctrinally (ditto most commentators), but that doesn't at all keep me from using and recommending his careful, reverent treatments.

The book is well-done, as I've learned to expect of Kress. It is spotted with "Ministry Maxims" boxes, making pointed applications of various passages.

And now, for December only, if you use the code BR60833557256, you will get a 75% discount.

That same discount also applies to these books:
If any of you have read any of them, please chime in.

Just enter the code BR60833557256 to receive your 75% discount on checkout.

Only these four books.


Robert said...

Thanks for the tip! I was worried about the title "The Book of James--A new perspective" until I read the description. Do people really think of James as a Proverbs-type book in the New Testament? I love the book of James and think I'll get a copy of this book (as well the others) and put it to use the next time our family studies it.

Matt said...

I haven't read any of the books, but I was privileged to sit in at least one of Dr. Varner's classes when I was in college. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have also enjoyed his writings while keeping up with his blog.

I might pick up a copy of the James book--thanks for the information on the discount!