Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hi: a rant from a self-censored blogger

So, I just self-censored my third post for this-here blog.

Just wanted you to know I still love you, still appreciate you, still plan to blog. But what I'm thinking these days is not making it through the grid of my internal censor. Lots of Tweets, but no publishable post at the moment.

So, in the meanwhile, you just think about Mark Driscoll's latest sex-soaked expression (which, just roll that phrase around) and all the high-visibility enabling it's getting, including from critics; you think about Christendom and Christian publishing and Christian reformed Gospelblogging; you think about what people say they want to see more of vs. what they actually promote... think about what you might be thinking, or trying not to think, if you were me... and you'll have a better time of it than if I wrote you a post.

Have a splenderrific day.


Jared T. Baergen said...

Should we not be blogging, tweeting, and facebooking about the current issues in the evangelical world (referring to a certain book that just came out)?

Christopher Bronson said...

Your writing and thoughtful insight is worth the wait!

Thanks for giving us glimpses into that weird strange mind of yours.

Brad Williams said...

I must be reading the wrong/right sites. I haven't seen all that much about it.

Unknown said...

Off topic but I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Chris Rosebrough. Your comment on repentance being the result of a transformed mind (as opposed to a changed opinion) was especially helpful. Thankful for your way with words. I haven't read TWTG yet but will be soon. Keep up the good work (and the Kmart jeans and sneakers)!

Unknown said...

I can't imagine what it is like publishing something that is needed and allegedly wanted, have it go relatively ignored by the "go-to" reformed blogs, loved by blogs that should be read more and are not, then watch as deadly black mold is folded in between book covers, gets high pub, and the pretty boys of the blog world bend over backwards to get days and weeks of blog entries to help their crossway ads get clickity-clicked.

Know any one like that?

Kerry James Allen said...

"Sometimes, a still tongue proves a wise head." CHS

Gabby said...

My single girlfriend is leaving Mars Hill Church over this latest escapade of Mark Driscoll. She has been wounded and is now in the process of having to leave a church she has grown to love (the people and the fellowship mostly) over this. I'm angry. I'm angry that as Mark Driscoll deceived many of us for the past two years, believing he had finally perhaps matured and left the gutter, while all that time he was actually writing this sex book behind the scenes! I'm angry that my friend, his flock, has been wounded and now has been forced to make the choice of either sitting in church and having this sex book preached from the pulpit for the next 6 or 7weeks, or staying and being taught things that should only be discussed in private, if at all. And I, for one, would love to hear your uncensored thoughts on this!

DJP said...

Well, I have many thoughts.

But I'll say that I was astonished to learn he was actually doing a pulpit series on that book. And, I'm told, when a member expressed concern, she was told she should find another church if she didn't trust the elders.

Waiting for Phil to say "I'm not surprised." If anyone has the right to a ripe "I told you so" and a series of public apologies on the subject of Driscoll, it would be Phil.

Those are a couple of my thoughts.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Personally, I think Driscoll’s fascination with this particular subject matter points to a bigger problem than just his typical immaturity as a Christian leader. I’ll keep praying for him, but I’ll also keep NOT reading or listening to him as well.

Oh, as far as you censoring yourself Dan, I very much appreciate that you are that thoughtful about what you post… I’ve come to expect it… but just for the record (and at the risk of continued membership in “camp MacArthur”) I don’t believe you (or any of the other Pyro guys) have ever said one thing that I thought was over the line.

Just sayin’

Scot said...

I'm with Brad, other than the Resurgence website I'm in the dark.

I don't know if you were right or wrong to censor your posts, but at the least it shows that you don't word vomit everything that comes to mind. It's like you try to live like Proverbs says.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for filters! Yours may be finer than required, while others'...

Working on my own,


Marla said...

It's a rare thing that people actually pause before posting whatever is in their heads.

A number of (younger) Christians in my small group have thought there is something wrong with me when I have (privately) mentioned to them that 'just because it is in your head, doesn't mean it needs to come out your mouth..(or fingers)' and mentioned Eph 5:4.

These days with the let-it-all-hang-out mentality (even among professing Christians) a self-censor is welcome. I'm sure your post will be worth the wait.

As to Driscoll -- are there really elders at that place, or just yes men....don't answer.

Kerry James Allen said...

"Coals of fire cannot be concealed beneath the most sumptuous apparel, they will betray themselves with smoke and flame; nor can darling sins be long hidden beneath the most ostentatious profession, they will sooner or later discover themselves, and burn sad holes in the man's reputation. Sin needs quenching in the Saviour's blood, not concealing under the garb of religion." CHS

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong about this but every intuition I have (some of it I hope is prompted by the Spirit) tells me Driscoll and public scandal are in the offing.

People have no discernment. Gifting doesn't mean God's blessing. Remember Roy Clements?

I appreciate your self-control Dan, but perhaps you'll reconsider? You have the ear of many after all.