Friday, January 27, 2012

Hither and thither 1/27/12

Another very busy week, and still struggling with sleep loss and cough. (Wahh, I know.)

So what do you get? A lot of food stuff! But not only.
  • Tailgating? Problem solved!

  • Cassandra was the mythical prophetess who was cursed with the ability to see the future. "Cursed?" you say. Yes: the ability to see the future, and no one would listen to her. That's the curse part. That's how I feel in the light of this post and especially this post, given how Elephant Room 2 turned out. Those posts were put up well in advance of the event. We're constantly told that Big Names read Pyromaniacs regularly, though few seem to say so out loud. What if one or two or five of those Big Names had taken, say, that second post (or even its ideas, without accreditation), and run with it? Made a big deal of it? Pressed the issue, so that there would simply be no way that Driscoll and MacDonald could ignore them?
  • But, as we all know now, they didn't. And Driscoll and MacDonald completely blew it, Jakes' influence spreads, and men like Thabiti Anywabwile's hearts break all over again.
  • (Thx for the picture, Fred.)
  • You will enjoy the list of laws of Feline Physics that reader mdm pointed out to me. 
  • Taking a jet trip soon? Then... probably don't watch this. (Thx Christopher Carney)
  • So, this is being a pretty pleasant song, and then... whoops! (Thx Dawn Lewis.)
  • Important Safety Tip:
  • And another — S'moreos!
  • Robert Sakovich found another illustration of freedom of thought in state reeducation camps, and how there isn't any.
  • Relatedly? A substitute teacher falls asleep in Biology class. A student snaps a picture, publishes it in some "social network." Result? Student suspended, of course.
  • Oh boy. Don't show my boys. Someone found one of my The Maths papers.
  • A pro-life woman returns to the clinic where she had two abortions 12 years ago. It's a painful read, particularly her words for churches and pastors who are totally uninvolved in the issue. Killer sentence: “You know that girl you were when you walked in that door? If you kill your child, you will never be that girl again.” Ouch.
  • And so there you go. Now you can head off to do all those important things you plan to do this weekend.
  • Always, of course, keeping in mind:


Jeremiah Halstead said...

You have made my birthday much more enjoyable by your posting both hithering and thithering. May your day be filled with a specialness that is not derived from H's or P's

Moon said...

that birdy was sooooo cute!!! :D I guess he liked the song ;)

You know Dan we put bacon on nearly everything we cook in my country, at least in my house we did :P on rice, beans, pasta, any casserole, our homemade fried rice (there was nothing chinese about our fried rice :P) really does make everything taste better :D
Sweet and Spicy Bacon! I think I'll try that!

Hot Dog - $100 for a hot dog!??? do you know how many groceries I could buy with that! sheesh I could make 100 hot dogs with 100 bucks!

Math - Yeah looks like my math exam too..except the answers would probably be wrong..I was terrible at math.

3 Stupid Stages - "Ain't that the pits" like Gram would say ;)

Susan said...

First?? I'm up because I'm going to work real early today.

Love the "stupid stages in life" and the "do not exit planes during flight" graphics. I would add another possible stage to life for the adults and the elderly, though, the economy being the way it is:

Have time.
No money.
No energy.

(Sad, yes. May things improve. But what are the chances of that, given that none of the would-be presidential candidates are so lackluster??? Even WSJ Online had this op-ed piece on why the GOP deserves to lose....)

DJP said...

Happy birthday, Jeremiah. There should be more updates if I have time to go through suggestions and tips I was sent; I didn't even get to finish them.

Susan said...

Rita--some Chinese people put bacon in their fried rice, too. (At least my mom sometimes did.) Yum-O!! :)

Robert said...


Sorry to hear about your continued lack of sleep and coughing. My family has all had a flu-like virus all week, so I can sympathize...although I am the only one who hasn't caught it...yet.

Cat vs. alligator was awesome. I wonder how our cat would fare against one.

The bird flying on stage was pretty cool. I was particulary impressed with the fact that they played through and he sang the rest of the song.

I've heard about that hot dog a few times this week and the first thought that came to mind was "how bad would that taste?" I don't know about you, but all I need with my Nathan's hot dog is a bun.

Loved the "Orthodox?" poster...a similar one needs to be made for Rick Warren.

I told my wife about that story with the kid doing the anti-gay adoption op-ed at the prompting of the school...she shared the same thought as most people that they got what they asked for, but didn't like the results.

That math test reminds me of a passage from GWiP where the author speaks about how people today have short attention spans and don't spend any time getting any depth of learning. 80) (I am an engineer, ya know)

Pierre Saikaley said...

New word: CATTITUDE!

Bacon is a health food! So I can feel confident that eating more of it will protect me from cancer, clean out my arteries, and provide me with all the antioxidants to slow down aging!

Elephant Room. The unorthodoxy has been well commented on elsewhere. But there was no real confrontation. It was all hyped up and then it's like there really was no "Elephant" at all. Sorry if this goes too far, but it lacked any real "cajones".

Moon said...

Pierre I wouldn't count on it being a Health food.. :P but you can still eat it anyway ;)

Susan: really?? bacon doesn't seem like a chinese ingredient :P but I wouldn't know, in my country we dominicanize other ethnic cuisines :P...we put fried sweet plantain on our sushi...have you ever seen the yellow plantains in the supermarket?? sooo good when fried! :D

Chris H said...

The hot dog guy (Douggie Luv - I kid you not) was my brother-in-law's landlord a little bit ago. Nice guy, always thinking, a little bit nutty.

He was recently on "Dragon's Den" (it's the Canadian "Shark Tank," featuring two of same investors)and they loved the hot dogs they ate, loved the concept, but he didn't have high enough sales. Anyway, if you're in Vancouver, feel free to swing by, I guess.

Unknown said...

One elephant room 2 comment: where are the super high traffic bloggers? Silence does more harm than good right now.

CGrim said...

- I could use one of those gatling guns on the FRONT of my car. Get off the phone, people.

- What does alligator taste like? My imagination makes me think "italian sausage".

- My take on the current GOP candidates:
Romney: Faithful spouse, but politically centrist/accomodationist, and religious cultist.
Newt: His moral compass spins like in the bermuda triangle. As does his political record.
Santorum: Family values, stellar legislative history, Pelagian.
Ron Paul: Man-exalting, Ayn Rand-ian radical individualist

Needless to say, I could vote for Santorum or Romney, but with reservations (substantial reservations in Romney's case). I could never in a thousand years bring myself to vote for Newt or Ron Paul in good conscience.

Marla said...

Love the three stages of life, and the Ikea vs. Lego. Going to Ikea this weekend with my mother, and I have a big decade birthday coming so I asked DH for one of those mega-lego projects. Hehehe (I'm a geek)

What's the picture and words about the Elephant room. When I view H & T, the very next item is RoberT Sakovich's reduction camps. Is that what you had in mind? Just wondering.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

DJP said...

Sorry, you caught some incomplete editing. Fixed now.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh... 21 bacon recipes... and I haven't had breakfast yet! You're killin' me! But who knew it would stop bloody noses? (I think I'll stick to pinching and cauterizing.)

Good grief. A hundred dollar hot dog? I don't care what you put on it. It's a scary tube of mystery meat that no one in their right mind would eat if they could identify. *shudder*

So the government school asks to boy to write an op-ed against gay adoption and then bullies him when he does. Why am I not surprised.

Read the piece about the pro-life woman, returning to the abortion clinic. I feel her pain, regarding churches and individuals not wanting to get involved. There's a big difference between just being anti-abortion and being truly pro-life.

Get some rest, Dan! Hope you feel better!

Robert said...

Mrs. Grasshopper,

I think that there would be a lot more volunteers at Christian pregnancy centers and more efforts promoting them if churches were actually stepping up in this area. My wife started volunteering as a counselor at one here in Houston because one of the women at our old church works there. And I am sure that they still have quarterly collections for the pregnancy center there. That was/is quite a blessing to the church and to the community. In fact, I'd recommend that everybody that reads here should contact somebody in their church about doing something is a great way to serve.

Aaron said...

@Robert: I'm sure Carenet could use a lot more volunteers. It seems like whenever my wife tries to go over there to drop stuff off, they are always closed.

@Dan: That Twilight vs. Tangled graphic is awesome!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You're right about that, Robert. A few from our church are involved with the local CPC.

It's kind of ironic that one of the things that drew me most strongly to our church is the solid, expository preaching. But I wouldn't mind if the pastor diverted from his series occasionally to hit topics like the sanctity of life. A little support from the pulpit goes a long way, yah?

Our community also has a "Great Expectations" home, where unwed moms (usually young) can live, and get support, mentoring, etc. They can always use volunteers. And it's a great way to put our money (and time and effort) where our mouths are :D


Mizz Harpy said...

Poor Cassandra. I've seen this all before 20 years ago with another denomination. I'm wondering what will happen to SBC real estate when churches want to withdraw.

The Dusseldorf reminds me of taking off or landing at Amarillo International Airport during a dust storm. Experiencing that in one of the American Eagle Turboprop planes is like paying to be spam in a well shaken can.

Sorry you're still feeling sick Dan and hope you get better soon!

Sonja said...

Finally! Oreos make it to H&T! The dunking aid appears to be a real product:

I love when inventors come to the rescue for problems that plague all mankind.

H&T this week makes me really hungry, especially for a s'moreo. And alligator tastes just like chicken!

Feel better Dan!

Wendy said...

"God told me so" is so last week.

"Cuz" will suffice from now on.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

Romney vs. Gingrich:

I have repeatedly stated that I will vote for whoever the Republican candidate is over Obama (even if it is one of Dan’s cats), and I still plan to do so, but I have to admit that this latest nonsense by Romney is just beyond the pale IMO.

Here’s is an ad that Romney is running in Florida, right now, against Gingrich:

and here’s where the IRS completely exonerates Gingrich on those charges:

IOW, despite Romney knowing that those charges were bogus, he continues to bring them up. Shame on him.

It’s times like this that I wish I had Romney’s or Adelson’s (the guy banking Newt) money so I could give Santorum a fair chance.

Susan said...

Rita--yes, I've had plantains before. Fried plantains are super-good. :)

Constitution Girl said...

"Don't eat coffee with a fork".


That's my desktop background now. xD

*laughing out loud while spluttering liquid all over my monitor

Rachael Starke said...

Catching up and just need to say a big "Girrl, that's what I'm talking about on the Twilight/Tangled distinction.

Now if only Rapunzel could've just reached over and decked whatisname as well, and then sat down to have a word with Bella....