Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Apologetics, on the Janet Mefferd show

I've had the delight now of appearing three times on the Janet Mefferd radio show. The lady's all over the place, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that she has the kind of guests that make for a show I'd be lucky to appear on as a caller.

What I love about her as an interviewer is that she knows her stuff, and she lets her guests talk. I was on shows where the hosts clearly hadn't read my books, yet they asked plenty decent questions. Janet's went well beyond. And they weren't softballs — just really juicy, the kind that make you want to swing for the parking lot.

Here you can listen to Janet and me chatting about applied apologetics.

Now that it's over, I'll tell you I was worried about it. I am in no sense an apologetics specialist, like Sye Ten Bruggencate or the like. I'm just passionate about it, and have done a decent bit of reading, thought, and practice. But when I was offered a half-hour or an hour, I picked the latter, hung up, and immediately thought — "Oh... was that smart?"

As I thought and prayed and prepared, I actually did have the fear that I'd run out, or she'd stump me with some basic question that your average well-read iguana would be able to answer. But neither happened.



Herding Grasshoppers said...

Gee, now there's a motto for you...

Dan Phillips, smarter than your average well-read iguana.

Well done!


DJP said...

There y'go. Another little notch for my résumé.

Unknown said...

and to think I've been pronouncing bologna wrong all these years... apart from that devastating reality, thanks for posting the link to this. I appreciate your humility and clarity. TWTG is excellent, I'll definitely be picking up your book on Proverbs as well.

DJP said...

Thanks so much, Sam. I pray both are useful to you for ministry!

Anonymous said...

"an apologetics specialist like Sye Ten Bruggencate."

Seriously? Have you listened to his appearances on Fundamentally Flawed? If asking the same question ("how do you know?") over and over again makes you an apologetics specialist, we are really in trouble.

DJP said...

Absolutely seriously. Sye cuts right to the baselessness of atheists, and won't let up. He is absolutely right. He's got the goods, and doesn't play their games.

You have a more effective apologist in mind?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Do you not think James White would be infinitely more effective debating those guys?

DJP said...

My honestest answer is that I have no idea. But thanks for naming a name; White is very well-respected by many, and works very hard to be thoroughly prepared.