Friday, February 10, 2012

Hither and thither 2/10/12

I will probably be explaining next week that I'll need a time of hiatus, or at least occasional hiatus. One of the most time-consuming single bloggy things I do is (you guessed it) this right here.

So, more to come on that. But this is what I have. I do expect it will grow until noon PT, so keep checking.

First, a little something to make your countryside drive this weekend more thrill-packed:

  • Advice to Rick Santorum: now that you're doing well, Romney will focus on you in the next debate. Want a devastating response? Here it is: "Well, Governor, thanks for noticing me, and thanks for the welcome to the big leagues. But since I'm running for the presidency, let me target my response at your ideological twin, President Obama." Pause for laughter and applause.
  • No charge. You're welcome.
  • Not a live performance, so nothing to see: maybe you want to play John Michael Talbot's musical version of Psalm 51 in the background as you read. (Thx Christopher Carney; as always, linking doesn't constitute endorsement of the musician.)
  • Um... squirreling tones? (Thx Sonja)
  • Ladies and gentlemen... the Jack in the Box bacon milkshake. (Thx Julie)
  • Robert Sakovich found some uniquely yummy donuts. (Warning: some other names play on the border of good taste.)
  • Robert also noted a clever, if depressing, video illustrating the national debt and politician's fecklessness.
  • Yes, the misspelling really bothers me, but you've got to love it:
  • Matt Klienhans notes that the president of Syria is not exactly a security super-genius. (Important Safety Tip)
  • Atheists and jellobrains keep crying "theocracy." I don't think that word means what they think it means. (Or: does anybody really think that what Saudi Arabia most needs is merely democracy as a political system?)
  • Huckabee: I've never been a fan. And while I understand his point, this cutesy but Gospel-ly tone-deaf remark doesn't raise him much in my estimation.
  • There is word of one of the most amazing NT manuscript finds: part of the Gospel of Mark dating from the first century. (thx Angus Nicholson)
  • Our cats have been an issue lately. They keep fighting; one in particular seems to be at the center of it. Maybe this?
  • Maybe not.
  • With Rick Santorum as this week's non-Mitt, CNN gives 10 reasons why religious conservatives like him. (Sakovich)
  • George Lucas wants to settle the abiding critical issue of all time (for SW hardcore geeks). Now drop it! (He says.)
  • According To The Experts: Into perversion? Perfectly normal. Shy? Grieving? You're crazy!
  • Ahh, where would we be without The Experts?
  • There simply isn't anything funny about Alzheimer's or cancer, both dreadful scourges in their own ways. But when you read that an experimental cancer drug reverses Alzheimers in mice... it's impossible not to wonder: how can they tell?
  • Chris Carney is right: this is a manly man in the best sense of the word, from what we know. He is one pole on the continuum along which Ted Kennedy is the other.
  • You know, I'm sorry, but... anyone who voted for Barack Obama, and now takes the pose that he is shocked, shocked to learn that Obama is a pro-abort extremist, is kind of an id10t.
  • ...and what the opening image did for your country drive, this may do for your snowmobiling:
  • Which leaves:



Robert said...

Quite a full serving this week...thanks, Dan!

I remember driving up to Tulsa and driving past walls of rock with signs warning to watch for falling rocks. This reminds me of how I used to always be scared of getting buried in falling rocks.

Listening to Talbot's version of Psalm 51. This is something I could do with listening to (and meditating upon) a few times each day.

And all this time, I thought squirrels were just brown. I especially never thought of them being green.

I like the graph, too, but if you do a global expansion of that, I'm sure Muslim would have to be separated into its own category. What bother's you about the spelling?

Hahahaha...12345? Seriously?

Christians persecuted by Muslims in an Islamic country...and Obama talks about Jews, Muslims, and Christians worshipping and praying together. Of course, since only Christians worship God, that doesn't make sense in the first place, but this article just shows how impractical that thought is, too (outside of the time of the peace set up by Antichrist in Revelation, but even that is dicey).

Very exciting to see the discovery of such an early manuscript if it is confirmed.

It was nice to read that list about Santorum...definitely much more comforting than Romney or Gingrich.

I was one of those who mistakenly thought Solo shot first. Oh, well...been wrong about much more important things than that!

One has to wonder how effective this testing on mice really is. I guess it is a starting point, but until you try it with people, you can't really tell what all will happen.

That is a sad story about the guy thinking his g/f was drowning and trying to save her. As for Kennedy, we can pray for him to repent and trust in Jesus or else he will face the righteous Judge and have to own up to what he has done.

Definitely not thinking of snowmobiling on a mountain after seeing that. That person was very fortunate.

Hahaha...I need a similar list for my scales...although I'm not sure I'm going to think about my great self-worth much.

I'd never heard of Bear Grylls before. Looks like some good stuff, though.

Hahaha...that doesn't look like a samurai, but the ninja looks good.

I think the close buttons on elevators must be on a 10 second delay or something.

Yikes! Obamacare to the rescue?

Hahaha...yes, many promises he has. I think he just makes them up as he goes along.

Hahahaha...definitely the .00099% there!

That sounds like our printer at is usually being serviced every couple of weeks.

DJP said...

I think you're funnin' me on "athiest" (which always makes me think "athier than what?").

Only RCs are praying for Ted Kennedy now, as he faced his judge some time ago.

Robert said...'d I forget he died??? Man, maybe I need some of that medication...

DJP said...

Oh, I do that same thing. Just not with Kennedy; maybe partly because I wrote about his final illness.

Robert said...

I know I'm veering off-topic, but that post about Kennedy was very good. My wife and I both wandered if he might be converted and repent. It is pretty much the first question that comes to mind with anybody who is diagnosed with a terminal illness or dies. In the case of those diagnosed with a terminal illness that refuse to repent, it reminds me of the picture of the people in Revelation trying to hide under rocks while still shaking their fists at God. thankful I am that God chose to save me because if He didn't, I'd be shaking my fists, too.

Robert said...

Definitely playing on their misspelling on "atheist". I'm one of those crazy people who picks up stuff like that as soon as it is within sight. My wife thinks I'm a little autistic and that my severe aversion to misspelling is one of my autistic tendencies. Which is quite funny because both of our boys (my step-sons) show some of the same tendencies in various areas.

The Squirrel said...

I, of course, am all in favor of squirreling tones. It's about time that we had our own color palette...


Scot said...

Yup, Greedo shot first, because the technology to ceatre CGI blasters wasn't available...oh wait. I'm proud to put myself in the "Han shot first" diehards.

Dan, didn't you trademark "The Experts" so you can finally start that book writing tour? :) (PS I plan to start using your Proverbs book for my devotional times. I'm looking forward to it.)

On a related note, the Space Balls password scene should shown to all new office personal. Period.

I have to admit the bacon milkshake is pushing it, and I cook a pound of bacon a month in my house.

The NT manuscript find is exciting. I hope they didn't jump the gun in prematurely announcing their dates, even though I trust Dan Wallace's judgment.

DJP said...

Whoever shot first, the pity is that he didn't shoot Jar Jar.

CleanFlea said...

Poor Greedo. He shot first and still missed his target that was 2-3 feet away from him. I guess I'm just one of the vicious people who wants to think of Han as a cold-blooded criminal.

Next on the revision list:
-Han wasn't a smuggler, he ran a small independent shipping company.
-Leia, Reeikan, Ackbar et. al. weren't actually rebelling against the established government. They were simply exercising their rights to protest in a peaceful, non-violent fashion.
-Vader didn't throw the Emperor down the shaft. Palpatine, tired after all the force lightning misses his footing and fell. Vader, strong in the force, foresaw this and yelled "Noooooooo" to warn him.

The Squirrel said...

And Han did too shoot first!

Who're you gonna believe? Me or the guy who thought up Jar Jar Binks?


Sonja said...

Apparently, there are creatures bred to be "Alzheimer's mice" that can't do what mice inherently do, like build a proper mouse nest.

I hope this could be a start to a breakthough, although the article does state that test results in mice rarely amount to anything.

Thanks Dan for another H&T!

Marla said...

The theocracy comment was right on, along with the atheist pie graph. After Komen announced it wouldn't contribute anymore to PP, one of my (liberal)FB friends commented "The Theocracy in America marches on." *sigh* I just don't think that word means what they think it means..... :D

Good collection of graphics today. (Although the elevator problem doesn't seem to be relevant here in Columbus. All our such buttons work.)

Happy Friday Dan!

Aaron said...

Hmm, I always thought that the scene with Greedo was like a Western. Greedo is going to shoot Han but Han manages to fire a fraction of a second before Greedo, which causes Greedo's shot to be off. It's not like Han shot way before Greedo because otherwise Greedo couldn't have shot.

If Greedo shot first, it doesn't explain the miss (other than he's a terrible bounty hunter who has never fired a blaster before).

I do get tired of the Director's versions. What the director did to the Last of the Mohicans is a shame. Give me the original theatrical version!

CGrim said...

Remember in Indiana Jones when Indy gets confronted in the street by some menacing guy waving around huge swords, and Indy just pulls out his pistol and shoots the guy? There is zero ambiguity. He doesn't try to find a sword of his own to give his attacker a sporting chance. He doesn't try to bargain with his attacker. He doesn't wait until his attacker is within arm's length. He just shoots him.

That scene probably kept Lucas up at night with anxiety.

Mizz Harpy said...

The guy Han shot was named Greedo?

The avalanche reminds me of when I open my freezer.

Yes, they have mice that develop Alzheimer's Disease or something that mimics Alzheimers. The mice learn a T-shaped maze where the food is placed on the right or left side, once they learn where the food reward is the reward is switched to the opposite arm and scientist measure how quickly the mice learn the new maze. Alzheimer mice forget where the food is or they are unable to learn where the food will be when the food reward is switched to the opposite arm of the T. Drugs that look great in rodents don't always work out in humans unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Santorum demonstrate he has a clue about the economy more than:

"I was senator of a state that had manufacturing..."

The economy is bigger than that.

Ken Abbott said...

Well, Marla, your FB friend was correct. The Theocracy did march on, as subsequent events have proved in spades. It marched right on over Komen and left its dirty boot prints stamped in place.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I don't care how they spell atheist, I spell it F-O-O-L, as in Psalm 14:1. The error that bugs me is the misplaced apostrophe. *shudder* ("Beliefs" is a plural, not a possessive.)

And CG Grim, I heard something about that scene from Indiana Jones. There was supposed to be a big duel of some kind, but Harrison Ford was sick and just couldn't face it. So he pulled out his gun and "shot". They let it stand.

Whoa! Any idea where that "country drive" is? Because it sure looks like a road about ten miles from us that has had numerous landslides. It's a curved sandstone formation and occasionally the top layer will spall off just like that. Yikes.

Was anyone else not surprised when Komen caved, after only three days? And did you see the news stories revealing that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms at all? They only do manual exams, which aren't exactly going to find most tumors. Further, about 80% of their clients are under 35 - long before most women develop breast cancer. Well, I could go on and on about that but I won't.


Marla said...

Ken, I don't think that's what she had in mind. ;)

Wendy said...

A kitten dies every time you use an apostrophe to pluralize.

I would rather take a book about how Bear Grylls became what he is. Actually, I can think of several books I'd chose over food/water.

Sonja said...

The squirrel color palette needs to be updated:

A purple squirrel. Must be evolution. ;)

Solameanie said...

Wonder how one could go about embalming Jar Jar? That's one case where a funeral director could enjoy aspirating with that long trocar.

Pierre Saikaley said...

Whoever shot first, the pity is that he didn't shoot Jar Jar.

Lol. How totally un-Elephant Room 2-like of you to say that.

Thomas Louw said...

You open up by saying, this Hither and thither takes up a lot of time and that you will maybe cut down on it.

I for one pray that you start preaching, teaching and writing (stuff like WTG)so much that you have to change this into yet another “team blog”.

Don’t get me wrong I’m here every Friday bright and early, some things I don’t get like your jokes about American politics and stuff like “Bacon Ice-cream” but, I always get a smile.

(Still praying with you that your hat will get picked up out of the ring)