Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday music: "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

I've alluded to this various times in conversation and teaching/preaching. For those who don't know it (and anyone else), here are several versions.

There are various versions of the lyrics. I'm wondering if this or this aren't the older versions.

First, a moody instrumental version to get us in the right frame of mind:

The version that put it into my memory, though with different lyrics, is probably Led Zeppelin's. You don't have to love Zep (I don't) to get your toes tapping over this amped performance:

Then let's set the clock 'way back to 1927 and listen to fellow-Texan Blind Willie Johnson's version:

Finally, a very spirited and full-throated version from fellow-Houstonian Carolyn Wonderland (sorry I couldn't find higher-quality, but it's not bad):


Michael said...

I think you're correct re: the original lyrics. The wikipedia writeup on the song is helpful:

My favorite version is 1994 where the 77s covered the Led Zep version but put some of the original lyrics back into it.

DJP said...

Listening now. Dude, that's cracklin'!.

Michael said...

The 77s are one of my favorite bands and have a pretty interesting history, being associated with the Christian music market and being on Island Records round about the same time U2 exploded on the scene.

Check them out during all that free time you have :)

DJP said...

Yep, I'll get right on that.


Chuck said...

I was getting ready to mention the 77's. My Dad and I loved their Drowning with Land in Sight.

Loved Blind Willie Johnson's version.

Unknown said...

I first heard this song on Kaiser and Mansfield's Trimmed 'n Burnin from 1990. It has some other good songs if you like that style.