Friday, April 20, 2012

"All in" for God's grace alone in Christ alone through faith alone

In the post Sola means no backup plan, I opened up my own reflection on what it means to lean wholly on Jesus' name for salvation.

A snatch of a hymn quoted by Charles Spurgeon in today's Chequebook of the Bank of Faith entry captures it well:

      “Were I a martyr at the stake
         I’d plead my Saviour’s name;
      Intreat a pardon for his sake,
         And urge no other claim.”

That is it. Faith's conviction is that Jesus is enough


Randy Talley said...

And once again, I wish blogs had a "like" button.

Wendy said...

Good reminder today - needed that more than hithers and thithers.

Solameanie said...

My favorite hymn has always been "The Solid Rock." On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. I had to preach a funeral of a good friend a few years back, and the majority of the audience were not believers. I chose that hymn for the closing song, as it really does sum up the Gospel gloriously.

DJP said...

Oh, amen, amen. "I dare not trust the sweetest frame / But wholly lean on Jesus' name." Amen.