Friday, April 27, 2012

Hither and Thither 4/27/2012

Probably shouldn't take the time, but I owe you. I mean, really, on one level, if it weren't for y'all, I wouldn't be so busy doing what I love right now. I don't forget my friends. So here, enjoy!
  • Is there a Bible verse about this?
  • Mm, let's see: "When the lamb shall chase the Dobie..." Eh, not exactly.
  • Twitter follower "Rather Dashing" tweeted me this vid of a Burger King burger... with 1050 pieces of bacon added. The burger makes it, the erstwhile consumer doesn't.
  • Yearning to make bacon cupcakes, but just don't know how? Thanks to reader Martin Pitcher, now you do.
  • But this, Kerry Allen, is going too far.
  • DAOD (and others) commend this, for obvious reasons:
  • Now, combining favorite themes, Julie Garrett Merrilee Stevenson (heavens, sorry!) found us a Lego pizza delivery saga. Frankly, I could only justify the time to watch part one, but you'll see other parts in the sidebar. If Julie recommends it, it should be OK (— and now that is on her, bwahh-hahaha).
  • Our friend from across the pond (soon to be on this side of the pond) Anthony Forsyth found us this:
  • You won't, however, thank Anthony for inflicting Baby Monkey on us all.
  • Reader Kerry Allen gave a logical progression on why the world will end in 2012: "Dick Clark died. You can't have New Year's Eve without him. It will always be 2012. Therefore, the world will end in 2012."
  • Well, makes better sense than anything Harold Camping has said.
  • Relatedly (sort of), good news for sci-fi fans: Fringe has been renewed for a fifth and final season.
  • However, relatedly, my dear wife has a calming thought:
  • Toto, I Don't Think... Oh, Wait, We Are In Kansas update: guess what state is thinking of forcing churches to rent facilities to homosexuals, among other violations of religious freedoms? Kinda already gave that one away, I guess. (thx Chris Carney and Robert Sakovich)
  • I am really looking forward to The Avengers, mainly because Joss Whedon directed it. He is a savvy, clever, creative genius who loves turning tropes on their heads. He doesn't mind departing from convention; for instance, his TV series Firefly was one of few sci-fi efforts that acknowledged the fact that there's actually no sound in space. So I love this quotation from Whedon, acknowledging reality when it comes to filming The Avengers: "Sometimes I would try to obey the laws of physics and that would be the weakest footage. Finally I just had to accept that everytime a car is hit by anything, it blows up and rolls over. A hamster could do it."
  • Ziggy, a bit deeper than usual:
  • Have you gotten your thank-you note for paying for President Obama's re-election campaign trips? Yeah, well, it's probably in the mail.
  • Never too early to be thinking about Christmas? Fred Butler has a suggestion for the hardcore Trekker in your life. (Hm; have to arrive early for the first-ever Phillips Christmas Eve Pizza, Texas-style!)
  • Michael Beck found a useful dupe for our Coming Robot Overlords who doesn't even seem to notice that his "pet" attacks him several times. (Diane "My Hair!" Sawyer is a better sport than I might've anticipated.)
  • Kid pulls a deft, understated photobomb on a CNN reporter.
  • And these:


David Regier said...

Canada . . . oh, that's a state, never mind.

I kind of wanted to use that phaser on those students.

FX Turk said...

I'm tired of you bragging about living in Texas.

CR said...

I'm really excited about Fringe!!

DJP said...

Well then, Frank, "pack a lunch," as one hath somewhere said.

Don't be a hater. Great economy, I'm sure an omnicompetent such as yourself could find a seven figure job. I'll help you locate a house.

And a church.


Anonymous said...

The Avengers is great. It came out yesterday in the UK and you will have a riot. It's really funny and the action sequences are great.

Another Fringe fan, here, too. Very cool.

DJP said...

It's so sad and wrong that other countries have The Avengers before we do. I blame Obama.

Susan said...

Oh, the virtual Friday fellowship of the H&Ters are back!! Yay!!!!! :D

(I am taking a break from work and reading this from my cell phone, so just checking in and will not leave verbose comments.) :)

DJP said...

Some Susan is 'way better than no Susan at all.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Excellent. I was having such a productive Friday, and then H&T showed up. So I'm glad I got that other stuff done already!!

By the way, if you're short on time, Lego Pizza Delivery 4 is the best one.

And that map of the US? Should I feel guilty for laughing at it's accuracy? (I thought Oregon was the meth capital of the world. Maybe not any more...)

Now I'm off to buy more bacon.

jbboren said...

No Dan, you are supposed to blame Bush. Everything is his fault.

The Mayan thing is great.

(Oh, my. Now I've got to try to figure out the Sanskrit code words so I can post this reply!)

Anonymous said...

Dare I say that Kansas (my home) is not as conservative as some might think? One word: Sebelius.

Marla said...

Europe starts with a 'u'? Bwhahahahahaha. Can't remember the revolutionary war either... (what are they learning??? --nevermind)

Map seems accurate. Ohio seems inordinately full of crazy Buckeye fans (really, 'crazy' is too kind a word). I say it is a mental illness, but I can't get too snarky. I married one.

Great Hither-thither today Dan.

Robert said...


I hated Texas when I was in Louisiana...I'm actually thinking it was from being envious, though. Of course, we Louisianans can always pick on Arkansas and Mississippi...although I'm sure that goes both ways.

DJP said...

No Dan, you are supposed to blame Bush. Everything is his fault.

Well, I blame Bush for Obama, so I guess we get there eventually.

Marla said...

Also, good luck -- I hope TWTG wins the award!

DJP said...

Thanks, Marla. What I think is: it'd be good for the book's ministry if it did, and I do believe in the book's ministry.

It also might encourage (A) more new authors to assail substantial, Biblical, Gospelly projects, and (B) more publishers to give them the opportunity.

Wendy said...

That CNN reporter thing was weird...did you notice that the white guy running in the background turns into a black man walking right before the end of the loop??

Does anyone know if the Avengers movie rating is mostly due to violence or are there some other questionable parts in it?? The boy has watched nearly every Avengers/Ironman episode he could get his hands on and this would definitely be icing on the cake. (He even talked me into changing my desktop wallpaper).

MJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DJP said...

Wow. Nobody ever told me about the heat.

< eye roll >

DJP said...

Merrilee, you're right. I skipped to #4, it's good.

FX Turk said...

Texas doesn't want me, and my family loves Little Rock.

[forlorn sigh]


Solameanie said...

Love the bass.

Solameanie said...

Just think, Frank, how close you are to the Clinton library. And within driving distance of Siloam and the gorgeous Buffalo National River. When really bored, you can head west to Murfreesboro and hunt for a diamond. AR has lots of simple pleasures, unlike here in Illannoyed where everything is illegal.

lee n. field said...


I see someone has Illinois pegged.

CAPTSteveHardy said...

When I was watching the Burger King bacon burger video, an ad came on at the bottom of the screen for a heart rate monitor. Hmmm...kinda makes sense, in a further extension of the nanny state protocol.

Mizz Harpy said...

That ABC guy doesn't realize the robot is exhibiting feeding behavior, I've watched it in aquarium fish. It always ends bad, especially if the robot ever gets bigger.

Mizz Harpy said...

Dan, glad you're enjoying Texas. Just brace yourself for Houston summers.

DJP said...

Yes. Thank you so much for that. Nobody has said a word about hot Houston summers until you did just now.


P.D. Nelson said...

I'd like to point out that on that map of the USA Washington state should be divided as liberal to the west and conservative to the east.

Susan said...

Now that I'm home, I can resume being wordy and random:

1. That bacon burger from the Japanese BK is just downright frightening. I had a huge breakfast combo this morning from a local cafeteria this morning--for $4.99, the cafeteria lady gave me 2 biscuits with gravy, 2 scrambled eggs, and at least 5 to 6 strips of bacon (I didn't even bother to count). It took me breakfast AND lunch to finish the whole thing (with about 5 hours in between)! Small wonder that guy ran out the door after eating less than half of that monster....

2. That vid on the kids missing history questions was frightening, too, although I must confess that I missed the question about the number of stars on the U.S. flag (because I counted D.C. as a star). Do cut me some slack--I got the rest of the questions right!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan

First: I was very glad to read a while ago, that you are a pastor now. May God bless you in your ministry!

Second: Finally it pays off to live in Europe. I'm going to watch "The Avengers" tonight. I don't care wether it's Obamas or Bush' fault, main point is: I'll get to see it soon ... :-)

Greetings from a (relatively) longtime-reader, firsttime-commenter here (is that english?) from Switzerland (and your translator ;-))


Mizz Harpy said...

Dan, sorry to mention the heat again. Remember, the air conditioning is cool and Houston malls open early so people can power walk around the halls.

DJP said...

Good point about the malls. I have wondered that. I do my praying during a morning walk, but this morning it was muggy and not terribly pleasant, and it's only April. Hm, wonder where the nearest mall is...

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Wyatt thanks you for the "Rebel Bass" guitar.

And I'll take credit for sending the video of the "Lunchtime Scholars", but I don't know who sent the Lego pizza guy... funny though!

What? Houston summers are hot and muggy? You're read "Isaac's Storm", right?

Glad to see a H&T, though I'm late reading it... MIL visit Thurs and Fri.


DJP said...

Mercy, sorry Merrilee, fixed.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Dan--all is forgiven. I like Julie enough that I have no problem being mistaken for her.

Susan said...

(If there's a "like" button on Merrilee's last comment, I'd hit it--for both her comment and her.) :)

Anonymous said...

In the UK the Avengers was classified as a 12A. That means it's not suitable for under-12s unless accompanied by an adult. It has plenty of violence in it, such that I would personally have thought it was closer to a 15 (but I'm a soft Brit).
There was one Shakespearean-era swear word that I didn't appreciate but perhaps I was the only one in the cinema.
You know your son, but when my daughter gets to be older I'd keep her away from this film until she's a teenager.

Larry Geiger said...

Bacon. You want some BACON:

Alice said...

Oh no!

I'm a boring person.

I guess that's what Hoosier means, I always wondered.4