Friday, May 18, 2012

Hither and Thither 5/18/2012

Dear friends, today I offer you, at the very least, that which I hope is better than nothing.
  • We have some pretty rowdy wildlife in Texas. But not all the rowdy wildlife.
  • Well, then, there's this:
  • And:

  • Reader Blaine Moore offers an extremely helpful video on how to survive a robot uprising. (Note: some cartoonish bloody violence.)
  • For Frank and any other Dr. Horrible fans: an orchestra serves up a Dr. Horrible Medley.
  • An odd thing about human nature that I've never gotten over is people's tendency immediately to validate an unwanted criticism. You know, like when you tell someone he seems angry and he snarls back "I am not!"? So a girl and her mom blog that a church seems cult-like... and the pastor responds by filing a lawsuit. Yeah, well, I guess that shows her just how wrong she is! (To say nothing of that whole 1 Cor. 6:1-8 thingie.)
  • For the record, btw: the story doesn't necessarily give me the impression that the mom and daughter are any great heroes of the faith, either. Don't know enough to say. (Link from Chris Carney)
  • I proudly drive a Hyundai Santa Fe. I'm sure whatever you drive is nice... but the question is, "Is it monkey-tested?" (Chris Carney)
  • Yep. Readers James and Marlene Joyce found us Paul's thorn in the flesh:
  • Mother's Day is past. We gave the ladies in CBC this. I know they're loving it.
  • Father's Day now looms. We won't be giving this... but it's kinda cute. (I wouldn't want it, but lots of men would.)
  • Ooh, lookie: The Avengers trailer... in Legos.
  • Here's a very different "life of Julia."
  • Gollies, did I miss where the MSM made a lot out of this story? Because it is really terrifically huge good news.
  • L, I B! Turns out 0bama really is a uniter!
  • And in close, as a perfect coda to our opening animation: all pastors fear angry sheep.

  • And finally these:


CleanFlea said...

I want a kangaroo. Hey, Jeremiah Halstead, can I have a kangaroo? I won't let him push you into a pond. I promise.

Fred Butler said...

There are so many nanny state warnings for that laser light light saber that it isn't even worth it.

And to think they actually banned lawn darts.

Rhology said...

That Robopocalypse guy - we were in the same class in middle and high school, and we used to hang out all the time.

Allison Gray said...

So seeing as it's my birthday tomorrow, I'm taking this as your gift to me (and it's a gooder - thanks!). Don't ask me how old I am, as the resulting neuron fire that would result in my brain from calculating such insanely high number could cause permanent damage ;)
Also, my nearly 3 year old son absolutely loved it as well (especially the baboons, the kangaroo, and the sticky hand).
Thanks again!

Unknown said...

The laser saber ad should have said: "Laser saber, sure you can own one, just don't play with it."

What sci-fi nerd wants a lightsaber they can't actually use?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Just when I told my kids that you're too busy getting settled into the house and wouldn't possibly have time for a H&T... ;D

Gee, Dan, if you were going to give the church guys candles, wasn't it you that introduced us all to "Mandles"? They've got bacon-and-egg-with-campfire-smoke...

Gee. I want a care tested by baboons, because - you know - three boys just aren't enough ;D But does it come with a trunk monkey?

Glad you had enough time to bring us some fun!

Julie and the grasshoppers

David Regier said...

Sorry so late to comment. Got stuck on the sticky hand for wayyy too long.

Tom Chantry said...

re. the DNC pulling out of Wisconsin - here's an inside view.

Polls are encouraging in WI, but it's important that we not grow overconfident. One explanation of the DNC deciding not to contribute to the recall election is that "undecideds" are simply not a statistically significant category. Everyone here knows what they think and what they'll do. The DNC could be saying, "Well, there isn't anyone left to convince."

I would put it another way. In any state in the Union, if a governor manages in his first year to balance the budget, pay back all state debts, incur no new debts, lower taxes, ensure that most property taxes go down, prevent future rising property taxes, and do all this without even small cuts in state services - then maybe trying to convince people to recall him isn't a smart investment of party money.

The end result of this is that it's going to be a turnout election - there is no longer a center to convince. (In other words, centrists like it when their property taxes go down, too!) On the turnout front, did you see the unprecedented primary results? Walker's total was higher in his uncontested primary than his current opponent and that opponent's top challenger. Why in the world did so many people show up to vote in a meaningless primary? One answer I heard here was, "The libs go to rallies, they chant, they insult people, and they generally raise a fuss year round. Those of us with real jobs don't have time for all that, so when an opportunity presents itself to vote for the guy who's taking all this heat for dropping our taxes, we go vote for him."

And a lot of us (myself included - I was out of town) didn't vote in the primary.

Things look good, but please pray for Governor Walker. I believe he is a true Christian, and he has maintained a quiet and humble demeanor throughout the last year and a half. More than our state's finances are at risk here - a man's testimony for Christ is also under assault.

Solameanie said...

The headbutting sheep reminds me of my great-grandfather. He was butted in the butt by his son's pet goat, and it made him so mad he picked up the pitchfork and ran the goat through. That awful Vinson temper.

Marla said...

"how the keyboard connects to the big window of light".... HAhaahahahahahaa

Thanks Dan! Hope you and your crew are settling in nicely. After yesterday's post I looked up all the venomous snakes here in OH. Thankfully, we only have three, and none in my county.

Marla said...

*tiny typewriter* Sorry. Still laughing.

FX Turk said...

Obligatory nearly-famous blogger comment [here]

zamar said...

Heaven is the only destination where you have to take a "step up". Faith in action.

Marla said...

Just got a chance to check back and actually read everything. That sticky hand is tooo fun! Also -- my hubby wouldn't be interested in the man candle, but my dad might! Funny.

Have a great day Dan. :)

Aaron said...

That animal pushing a human into the water thingie...well, that animal wouldn't survive in Texas.

Justin said...

On the topic of the search for the perfect food my wife and I were introduced to Biscoff, which we have put into the category of Eurospreads alongside Nutella. Have you tried it? Can anyone say "spreadable cookie"?!?!?!

Jeremiah Halstead said...

No Kangaroo for you :P

Chuck said...

You had me at Dr. Horrible.

Mizz Harpy said...

I think I'd buy a monkey-tested car. I've seen the damage a monkey can do while working at a primate center.

Hope you're settling in Dan. Don't keep pet kangaroos or suffolk rams since you're living on the water and all.

Steve Drake said...

From Sir Aaron:
"That animal pushing a human into the water thingie...well, that animal wouldn't survive in Texas."

Back to the shotgun illustration. Ever more pointed reason to visit the local Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop.

Steve Drake said...

By the way,
I love the way the ram backs up to get a perfect velocity/force ratio!