Friday, June 01, 2012

Hither and Thither 6/1/2012

OK gang, here's what I've got, from progressively warming Houston.

We'll begin with a graphic depiction for what it is sometimes like for people, the first time they here a thorough, sound presentation of the Biblical doctrine of God's sovereignty in salvation.

  • One of my children is thinking of growing watermelons. Well, Son, here you go.
  • Is it too late to ask? Familiar with the contents as I am, I think either or both The World-Tilting Gospel and God's Wisdom in Proverbs could make terrific graduation gifts. If you agree, write a decent post on your blog making that case, and I'll feature it.
  • Or, for that matter, Father's Day gifts?
  • Here is a very thought-provoking list of ten reasons to self-publish. Two matters the article doesn't deal with do come up in the comments: cover art, and the need for good editing. Beyond that, I think self-publishing does still carry the same onus: "Not good enough for a real publisher, eh?"
  • An artist made nine Star Wars portraits in splatter-paint style. (Warning: article uses a word we wouldn't allow our kids to use.)
  • The Dark Knight Rises trailer... in sausages.
  • "Perfect food"? Er, no.
  • Not this, either. (Fred Butler)
  • But maybe this:
  • Mm-mm. (Yurie Hwang)
  • This one might be a perfect food, except for being too light on the mayo:
  • Staying with food, honing in on it's a health food -- what else? Coffee! (Chris Harwood)
  • One of the creators of Veggie Tales is having second thoughts — and, I think, rightly so. Sounds as if he got his world tilted. Better late than never; better sooner than late.
  • You will love this solution to the need for an endless energy resource.
  • Sigh. So They have decided to re-do a decades-old superhero, and make him an unrepentant sexual pervert. And They expect to be celebrated and lauded and congratulated for their "bravery."
  • Want to see "brave"? Reboot a major superhero and make him a pedal-to-the-metal Biblical Christian. That would be bravery.
  • Never happen this side of the Millennial Kingdom.
  • And no, I'm not even going to link to a story about the latest ploy to corrupt children.
  • Where's Admiral Ackbar when you need him?
  • Kevin DeYoung put out a very good post giving ten commitments for Christian churches in relation to homosexuality. Do yourself a favor, and don't bother with the comments. Kevin doesn't believe in  (or probably does not have the time for) interacting too extensively in his metas, and the inmates often take over the asylum. Fairly common on some TGC blogs.
  • Just...oh dear. (Curtis Sheidler)
  • Kerry Allen smuggled out an exercise video for our coming robot overlords.
  • Lego ninjas? (Dwayne Warren)
  • Gee, Mayor Bloomberg; whatever happened to "My body, my life, my right to decide"? (Chris Carney)
  • Nancy Barlass alerts us to the Duct Tape Diner.
  • To help my boys with the teen years. Well, and beyond.
  • I made no secret of the fact that Romney was just about my last choice. "Just about." My last choice is Barack Obama, in the sense of the word "last" which means "even if you point a gun at my head, I'm not making that choice." So I am happy to read John "Rocket Man" Hinderaker's optimistic essay, These aren't your father's Republicans.
  • The Romney campaign just needs to study the Dole campaign and the McCain campaign — and do the opposite (apart from the brilliant selection of running-mates). I hope they're smart enough to know that the media defines "mean" and "nasty" and "dirty" as any GOP candidate who doesn't roll over and play dead, and I hope they're ready to deal.
  • The bottom-line was spelled out nicely for me in a Tweet by Frank J. Fleming, who said: "Mitt Romney really wants to be president. I really want Obama not to be president. Seems like we can form an alliance."
  • Here's a great opportunity to win a copy of the best Bible software out there. Happy Birthday, BibleWorks!
  • And, winding to a close...
  • So did you stumble this week, even badly? Well, here you are still alive. God's given you another chance. Go for it.

  • And these lovely parting gifts:


FX Turk said...

OK -- I can go home now, right? Day's over since my Hitler and Thatcher has been read and commented upon?

The Blainemonster said...

My nine year old LOVES Ninjago...but Lego Star Wars is where the humor's at!

Susan said...

I was still chuckling over the "Why Girls Cry" pie graph when a coworker came by my desk and quipped that he has that effect on people. When I explained to him what I was laughing over, he just looked at me. Wait...he didn't think it was funny? "It's more true to me than funny," he said, "but then again I'm a guy."


Sonja said...

H&T makes me happy -- thanks Dan! Lot's of tasty treats, but disappointed that there's nothing to celebrate today -- National Doughnut Day! Who knew?

I'm sure there's bacon doughnuts out there somewhere. :)

Paula Bolyard said...

Love, love, LOVE the Band-Aid treats! Would have been a great encore to the kitty litter cake I did one year for one male child's birthday. When I told them I made sure I washed it thoroughly before creating the cake in the litter box, most of the 9-year-old boys were so grossed out they wouldn't eat it. (For some reason, the fact that we didn't even have cats didn't occur to them.)

What is up with the word verification? It is telling me to type the "two words" and there is only one blurred word and a blurry picture. ??? Well, here goes!

Jeremiah Halstead said...

Poor cat, all for the sake of power

Sonja said...


All my life I didn't think it was possible to gross out 9 y/o boys! Besides making them talk to 9 y/o girls. :)

Yeah, what's up with the blurry box? *whinecomplainneedadoughnut*

Marla said...

DC continues to show why the Marvel universe is soooo much better. The best quote from the story? "[they] never intended this to be a publicity stunt....this was not ever meant to be sensational..." They've jumped the shark. Pathetic.
(I've never been a fan of DC or this particular 'hero'.) Liked the Justice League version though. Going to pretend this version doesn't exist.
In a few years, no one will remember it exists anyway.

Loved the "Why Girls Cry" -- especially applicable to age 9-13. :)

Also, the cat-toast video was hilarious.

Thanks for H&T today --- always appreciated, especially since we know you don't have nearly the time --each one is a treat!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wait, yesterday was Friday? We're out of whack this week (holiday, winding down homeschool year, CI surgery...)

Ohnoooo, we missed National Doughnut Day? Last year our local bakery offered maple bars with bacon.

The bandaid treats may be gross, but I think the black bun (on the Vader burger) is worse... ewww.

Grasshopper boys are cracking up at the Sign Language Basics, though the "help-I've-been-turned-into-a-goat" has morphed into "I'm a llama!"


P.D. Nelson said...

Dan as usual a great H&T I've only got one comment. I am so tired of them taking the great comic heroes I read as a boy and turning them into something I wouldn't give any child. Truly reprehensible.

Robert Warren said...


When I read the article on self-publishing, I noticed a lot of negative comments regarding editors, but no real suggestion of an alternative. I kind-of followed your progress in getting your books to press and I got the distinct impression you thought your editors were necessary and helpful.

I don't think I would like to read a book that hadn't been reviewed by an editor, even if it was only the author's pedantic brother-in-law.

DJP said...

Absolutely right, I did and do. Yeah, if you don't have a publisher's editor(s), you need to beg or find or hire the equivalent.