Friday, July 06, 2012

Hither and thither 7/6/12

Wow. It's already been two weeks? Hokey smokes. Well, I'm in the bind of having a truckload to do, and still not being a terrific time manager. But here's what I have, and look for updates up to noon TX time as per usual. Maybe lots!
  • The weather here in Houston can be so extreme and upredictable. Just a few days ago, it was raining Daleks!
  • Biblical Christianity blog: bringing you vitally-important information since 2004. Now you can find out how many Lego bricks it would take to build your house.
  • You're welcome.
  • Evidently one bite from a tick can make you completely lose your mind. As I see it, anyway.
  • Absolutely the patheticest article title, ever?
  • By contrast: my governor said this: " just because you share a different view or you are flexible on the issue, does not mean that God has changed his mind about it."
  • Sorry about yours.  /c:
  • Mercy, this just makes my heart heavy. Here is a group of black pastors who say they've been proud of President Obama, supportive, everything's great...until he threw his support behind "gay" "marriage." Now he's in trouble... until he meets with them to hear them talk! Just meets! No demands for change. Just. Do. Not. Get. It.
  • It's a comment on President Obama that he won't even do that. Perhaps he's that sure of their ultimate support? I can kind of see that as a possibility, when other conservative, sane, Biblical black leaders have told Obama that they are so "disappointed" in him that they — what? Will work energetically to get Romney elected? Nope. "Won't vote at all." As I've often said, that's Obama's second choice. I would imagine Obama's hierarchy of preference as: first, vote for me; second, don't vote at all; third, vote for some empty-gesture candidate.
  • Now an update from the Unmarketable Skill Dept:
  • Lynn Arthur found us a really strange Groupon offer. Sweet dreams! Ew.
  • Its remarkable how Scott Adams keeps Dilbert fresh and clever after so long. I'm sure its unintentional, but today's strip has applications in business, church, marriage...
  • Gary Benfold, one of our friends from across the pond, notes groups that got in trouble for using the 1984 NIV. Because it's too conservative.
  • Oh merciful flying quahogs, not Cheerios too? (Thanks bunches, DAOD.)
  • So, another week, another celebrity announces that he is so messed-up that he doesn't even get what being a "man" means — and, of course, he's "proud." Of...? "Proud" is an interesting word, isn't it? Is there a good way to use it, a way that doesn't indicate that you are yourself indulging in the sin of pride? I have to say I wince when I tell my Js and my DAOD that I am "proud" of them, because it feels as if I'm congratulating myself on something, when my one and only intent is to encourage and affirm them. Can you even say you're "proud" of something you are or have done, without falling into that sin? Doesn't 1 Cor. 4:7 come into play? But then, to take that word, and apply it to a soul-destroying perversion... wow.
  • And this one's for the Church Curmudgeon:
  • One of my favorite hymns was first called "The Advocate," but is better known by the title "Before the throne of God above." James Church brings some good thoughts on hymns, and on that hymn.
  • Perfect food? A BLT... on cookies!
  • Well, June was a very good month for the Romney campaign. I'm sure the SC decision on Obamacare will also provide a boost. Now the question is: can Romney capitalize on it, or is he too compromised by (A) crafting and (B) defending Romneycare?
  • Just to remind you, there's only one thing I absolutely love about Romney: he's not Obama.
  • I leave you on an educational note: this is how a key works.
  • Leaving these to ponder:


Charles Sebold said...

So, are you still liking Matt Smith as Eleven?

DJP said...

Oh yes, very much. After that odd start at the end of Tennant's last ep, I think he's just owned the role. Love the actors who play Pond and Dr. Song. Rory is that ineffectual dithery male all Brits seem to love so much; me, not so much. So he hasn't particularly grown on me.

Tom Chantry said...

# 12 on “WHY THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS SO HARD TO LEARN” ought to be, “There was a row among the row of oarsman about how to row.”

Charles Sebold said...

Rory's ditheriness (?) is what makes it so great every six episodes or so when he gets up and actually acts like a man for thirty seconds, and not like some guy who apparently took his wife's last name.

tobekiwi said...

Gracious, I was taking my time going through last week's H & T, to make it last. Guess I better get clicking ;o. Thanks for the bonus round :o)

DJP said...

"Last w..."? Oh, crud. That's me and math again. I've overproduced. I thought it was two weeks.

Oh well, enjoy! Whee!

< whimper >

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Shhh, kiwi, don't tell him, and maybe we'll get another one next week!

That Lone Star tick is horrifying beyond words. Makes people allergic to meat??? Say it isn't so!

And why English is so hard to learn... what about "run"?
Run fast, run to the store, run for office, run in my stocking, run around with, run the loader, run on schedule, run a wire, a baseball run, a book's first printing run, a run of bad weather, the run of the house, run circles around, run interference for, a run on the bank, run of the mill... and on and on it runs ;D


Sonja said...

English is hard reminds me of this classic scene from "I Love Lucy".

That show still makes me laugh!

Thanks for H&T!

ANiMaL (richard) said...

Rory the Centurion makes him the best man ever on the show.

CR said...

Raining Daleks...good one...

threegirldad said...

"Just to remind you, there's only one thing I absolutely love about Romney: he's not Obama."

With apologies to The Red Green Show...

The Blainemonster said...

"Patheticest". I'm using that!!!

Oh, and "Before The Throne of God Above" is on our song list for tomorrow's service. Can't sing it without weeping. Ever.

Larry Geiger said...

I don't get the quilt. I know that you are not the type to explain stuff like that, but I just am not getting it.

DJP said...

Nice baiting.

One word: TARDIS.

Larry Geiger said...

Ah, Dr. Who. No wonder I didn't get it. Oh well. We rarely turn on the telly. It hasn't had any Dr. Who, Monty Python, or Are You Being Served since the boys left home these many years thence.