Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Modern "continuationism" in 34 words

Modern "continuationists" are exactly like someone desperately seeking a can of olives in a cupboard. Finding nary a single can of olives, he grabs a jar of mayonnaise and cries, "Eureka! You see? Olives!"


Randy Talley said...

But... but... but... jars are just like cans! You have to open them! And release the contents! Just conjure up enough open-up-ability!

Or -

You call it mayo, but God calls it third-wave olives.

DJP said...


You've set the bar high for subsequent commenters. If there are any. I think everyone's gone.

Sonja said...

Are you telling me that the Bible isn't all about me and that I'm in error when I try to make it all about me?


Tim said...

Help me out here. What is meant by "continuationism". I think the blog went over my short head.

unc92sax said...

A better title for this would have been the "Olive Discourse."

Jessica Kramasz said...

Wait...but the truth is whatever you believe to be true. Who are you to say my olives are mayo? You must be an "enlightenment rationalist" who dares to believe in propositional truth.

Great post - I love it.

DJP said...


Dave Miller said...

Basically, if I infer correctly here and your comments at Jared's site, your chosen way of doing theological debate is arrogant declaration and ridicule of opposing viewpoints, without even attempting biblical argument.

Is ridicule the new exegesis?

DJP said...

Hi Dave. Thanks for dropping by. My name is Dan Phillips.

I have been writing on this moderate-traffic blog since 2004. I have also been blogging at the very high-traffic blog Pyromaniacs since 2006.

Between the two blogs and my web site Biblical Christianity, I have written probably hundreds of thousands of words on the "continuationism" position. I have come at this exegetically, historically, theologically, rationally, and pastorally. It is a disastrous false teaching that has ruined lives and churches, brought disgrace on Christ's name, and served as host to countless false teachers.

Among those hundreds of thousands of words you will find that I use the full range of Biblical semantics, including exposition, explanation, proverb, diatribe, humor, mocking, and sarcasm.

Many people, reading a post titled "Modern 'continuationism' in 34 words," would understand the genre of the post without need of further explanation. I am sorry that didn't work for you.

So, given your desire for further exposition and exegesis, and assuming you know how to use Google for site searches, it appears you have your work cut out for you.

Happy (and profitable) reading!

Mizz Harpy said...

I have a can of olives in the cabinet and an opened jar of mayo made with olive oil in the fridge.

Susan said...

But, but...wait! You CAN have your mayo and eat it, too!

Bob Edwards said...

So am I the only one that finds it ironic that Dan has to point an apparent continuationist complaining about exegesis to the broader context.

DJP said... say nothing of the immediate context of the (hel-lo?) title of the article.