Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday music - "That Lonesome Road," verrry lowww, Tim Storms

The man with the deepest voice in the world sings:


Mizz Harpy said...

Up with insomnia-again. I listened to Tim Storms and couldn't help but compare him to the Russian basso profundo Vladimir Miller.

This is a recording of Miller singing vechnaya pamyat:

Herding Grasshoppers said...

That is amazing. (The range!) He sings so low it's hard to 'hear' all the differences in tone. Can he talk to elephants and blue whales? ;D


Unknown said...

While I'll be the first to admit that being able to even approach those types of low notes makes his physical tools exceptional, what Julie points out (singing so low its hard to hear the differences in tone) is exactly why this particular clip rubs me the wrong way. If Mr. Storms wants to use his God given abilities in a God honoring way and still sings songs in this register, he needs to get trained to improve his tonality. Otherwise, he comes off as someone who wants everyone to be more impressed with him and his low voice rather than the God he's supposed to be singing about.

I also sing Bass (not quite Profundo, but I can hit all but the lowest note in the Vladmir Miller clip), and I have extensive vocal training, so I know that of which I speak.