Thursday, October 18, 2012

Candy Crowley comes off the sidelines in an assist for her candidate

As it hasn't gotten nearly enough traction on Twitter, and as it is a perfect characterization of what she did, check this on Objective Professional Moderating Journalist{tm} Candy Crowley's injection of herself to get her candidate out of a sand trap:

Martha Raddatz, Hillary Clinton, and now Candy Crowley — women seem to keep throwing themselves in to rescue this candidacy.

Note the parallel with the Ryan/Biden debate. In both cases, the Democrat candidate recognized the assist given their "objective" moderator: Biden by saying the equivalent of "Yeah! answer that!" when Raddatz did his arguing for him, and Obama urging Crowley to say her (inaccurate) defense of him a little louder.

The real question is: when will Republican candidates demand some degree of actual objectivity, or at least ideological diversity, from their moderators and panels?

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REM said...

The context that Obama used the three words "acts of terror" came directly after he spoke in generalities about American freedom. If anyone thinks this is specifically labeling the actions in Benghazi a terrorist attack, their high school reading comprehension teacher owes them one big apology.