Tuesday, November 06, 2012

What re-electing Barack Obama would mean

I started a Twitter hash-tag: #WhatReelectingObamaWouldMean.

It's a last-ditch effort to get people to think. If you are working to re-elect Barack Obama, either by voting for him or by not voting for him or by voting for anyone other than Mitt Romney, this is what you are actually saying in the real world. I'll update it later with new additions. If you're on Twitter, join in and retweet.


Steve Martin said...

I think it would mean that the great experiment is basically over.

That the Founders great idea and vision of a land where people rule themselves for maximum freedom and minimum govt. interference was great, while it lasted. But now we prefer security to freedom.

DJP said...

...and handouts to achievement, and theft to fruitfulness.

Jeremiah Greenwell said...

Well, I can tell you already your efforts haven't been fruitless. I've had absolutely no intention of voting because of apathy concerning my (former) military career. You guys at Pyromaniacs shook me out of that sinful apathy, and I managed to vote if for nothing else than I wanted to see my old Commander-and-Chief out of office (even if I do live in a state that's decidedly democrat). I'm sure there are others who can say the same.

Steve Lamm said...


Couple of weeks ago, I linked to your posts and those of Frank and Alcorn on my own "pastor's corner" on my church website and it was very helpful to many in my congregation. Thanks for doing the hard thinking.

For those who believe that Christians are too worried about politics, or those who don't believe it's needful to take a practical stand for what is right, here are a few Proverbs that they ought to contemplate: Pr. 13:23; 14:34; 17:15; 25:5,19; 28:4-5,12,16; 29:2,12.

God spare us from four more years of that kind of "leadership!"

Blessings Brother

Dorothy said...

Since they have rules forbidding Canadians from voting, I'm doing all I can to influence the outcome of this election: constant, fervent prayers.

Lynda O said...

Yup, we now live in a nanny-state world where people prefer the handouts, a generation of children who never grew up into adult responsibility... so they'll vote for Obama for the benefits he gives them, the free cell phones etc. So sad and disappointing to see.

It was bad enough that he got elected in 2008 in the first place, but even after four years the polls are so close... Even worse, that even given the opportunity to vote for the leader, the people pick such an anti-leader... the people of ancient Rome at least had the better excuse, that they didn't have any choice about who got into office... but the outcome seems just as bad even when the people ARE given the choice, the vote.

Robert said...

People just gotta have they're Obama money and cell phones, ya know?