Saturday, March 02, 2013

Funny little event... OR IS IT?

Some of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends registered jittery reactions to a little trailer I tweeted about yesterday.

WARNING: this actually is pretty creepy, no joking.

As I said, it was one of the scariest, creepiest trailers I've seen in some time. My online buds and I chuckled about it, and that was that.

Until our Men's Fellowship meeting at church this morning. Now, I need to say: I am not making this up.

I'm listening to the leader, and I hear this cre-e-e-eaking sound behind me. I look, and...

The door to the dark storage room behind me was slowly creaking open, all by itself.

Now, notice that there's a prop at the bottom of the door. That didn't stop it. The door pushed the prop aside and swung open -- just a little.

It actually did this a couple of times. I seemed to be the only one noticing it. And so I eventually chuckled, and interrupted the leader to point out what was happening.

So I said, if this were one of those movies, someone would get up to check it out...


...would never be seen again!

And we all laughed. Because after all...'s just a church storage room.

...absolutely nothing to be worried about.


Okay, I did totally make that last one up. But not the rest. It's a windy day, that's all.

Nothing to worry about.

And there will be a bunch of Awanas and Boy Scouts running around over there all day.

What could go wrong?


Doug Hibbard said...

We've got several doors around the parsonage and the church that do that on windy days.

And nothing is creepier than an empty church building at night. Too many noises.

This comes from a former funeral director who has been in a place with dead bodies in the night. Empty church is scarier.

DJP said...

You were? Did you ever watch "Nightwatch," with Ewan MacGregor?

Doug Hibbard said...

Worked my last year of college in a funeral home. Yes, I have been through a drive-through in a hearse.

And my beloved wife used to ride with me before (and after) getting married. We spent our first Christmas doing a removal in a snowstorm. Memories....

Never saw that one. Admittedly, all Ewan MacGregor is to me is a young Alec Guinness in 3 movies that I almost do not acknowledge as existing.

JG said...

This cracked me up! What's fun is when a door creaks open on its own...and the dogs are trying to figure out why they can't see the person pushing the door.

Dave said...

I showed my sister that trailer last week. And have enjoyed sneaking up behind her a few times since and going, *clap-clap*.

She was less amused.

DJP said...

Perhaps, but WHAT, I ask you, are brothers for?