Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Music - Billy Joel... and friend

For some reason, I've always liked Billy Joel, or at least the persona he projects of a down to earth guy.

So you can guess I really like this, where he makes a fan's day and possibly changes his life:

Could have been very embarrassing to both, but instead as it turns out it's just really cool.

Read more about the incident and its aftermath here.

(Thanks very much to Dawn Lewis for the tip. Have some for me, yourself? Don't use the comments, but do email me.)


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow. Could've been so very, very cringe-worthy but instead - awesome!


Anonymous said...

This was the coolest, I thought. We don't have a Billy Joel encounter story, but when we attended his concert in Seattle, we knew we'd need a big chunk of change to park. We were cutting it close to concert time when we went around the building one more time looking for a spot. The media truck left, and there was an empty space right in front of the doors. We parked, walked in, sat down, and then Billy Joel entered the stage.

Susan said...

Many thumbs up!! I think my favorite Billy Joel song is probably "Piano Man". Unlike the "7-11" variety, his songs are reflective and thoughtful and fun (not in that order). And can that student ever play!