Thursday, April 04, 2013

Briefly: on homosexual "marriage" and fat people

Citing the benefits of marriage to explain why two homosexuals should be able to force others to call what they do "marriage" is like citing the benefits of physical fitness to explain why fat people should be able to force others to call them "thin."

You're welcome.


Jessica Kramasz said...

LOL! I love it.

homefront said...

Thank you! Recently Bill O'Reilly offered up the pragmatic observation that unbelievers are never going to be impressed with the Biblical argument about 'marriage'. Believing God does not mean we must throw out logic and stats. Thanks for your logic!! We need to arm ourselves with weapons that work if we ever hope to win this war.

BFR said...

Fraternally, in the spirit of the interchange with Pastor's Wilson and Anyabwile, I would like to offer a caveat.

While I do not think that Pastor Phillips subscribes to what I describe, I think that it does pose a danger. The premise of which I speak is that of avoiding the foundation: The Lord of lord's is Lord of all and is wholly authoritative regardless of opinion.
As the Author, He has full authority over all definitions of good and evil.

Our weapons are not carnal, but have divine power to destroy strongholds. The most formidable stronghold is the sinful heart of stone.

He is pleased with the foolishness of the message, and quite often we are embarrassed by it. I would submit that using Mr. O'Rielly as a bellwether of anything biblical will leave one wanting.

homefront said...

rfb, If my unbelieving neighbor chooses to reject the Gospel, that is very sad. But I'd still rather that he defended the definition of marriage, as many other unbelievers do. To lobby for logic is not an insult to God, nor a rejection of God's Word. Perhaps I should not have included the commentator's name in my earlier thoughts, for I do not hold him in any way an authority of anything Biblical. Quite the contrary.

BFR said...


I was not attempting to accuse you as holding him out as an authority, since I would be offended if I thought that someone would think the same of me. Please forgive me if I inadvertently offended you; I wanted to accomplish this as a gentleman. I cannot think of any sentient being that would invest in Ted Baxter:)

When I speak of the "Gospel", I do not mean simply or exclusively a salvific message, but every word the comes from the mouth of God. I believe the nature, and nature's God (as evinced in Romans 1) has had "their line" go out from eternity, and so that which is evidently against nature as a proclamation from God, is an authoritative word, and consummate logic.

Unknown said...

You need more exploding ships in your posts.

That is all.