Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Logos vs. BibleWorks

I have loved BibleWorks for years; I've grown to love Logos increasingly over the years.

I've finally hit on a near-perfect way of briefly comparing and contrasting them.

Having Logos is like having a potentially massive library in my computer, the volumes linked to each other, with all the contents of all the volumes available at my fingertips almost instantaneously and ready to transfer to any target document.

Having BibleWorks is like having in my computer a Bible with instantly-available original-language texts, multiple translations, language tools, instant concordance, and an almost infinitely wide margin in which I can write an ever-expanding database of notes, all of which can be linked in turn to other sources.

That's it.


JackW said...

And for the rest of us mere pew warmers and occasional teachers, OliveTrees Bible Study app has most everything we need and is faster, cheaper and mobile.

MGVHoffman said...

I've tried to explain the difference to my students like this:
BibleWorks starts with the biblical text and extends outwards to all sorts of related resources (text critical matters, translations, lexicons, grammars...)
Logos is a library management system that looks deeply into texts, including the Bible, and provides the connections between all the books in your library.

weenis said...

I approve this message.

Luke Wolford said...

I am a Logos user. For my needs it does well with original languages with parsing, searching, etc. What does Bibleworks do that Logos does not do? It is worth it to use both?

DJP said...

Though it's based on the previous version, this article gives one of my main answers. BibleWorks is also much quicker in doing original-language based searches and analyses.

Here's another discussion.

Luke Wolford said...

Thanks Dan.

Unknown said...

then, it seems logos is for those seeking to what men have had to say about what God said and Bible Works is for men who just want to know what God actually said.

DJP said...

I wouldn't at all agree. Both have Bible, and Bible tools, and both have other resources. Logos is heavy on research/library capabilities. So it would help a godly person heed Prov. 11:14; 12:15; 18:1-2, 17; 20:18; 24:6; 26:12; and 28:26.