Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Music - Dancin' in the Street

First, "my" band in my town. Chicago performed "Dancing in the Street" right here in Houston. Love Bobby Lamm's energy:

Then the version I actually like best instrumentally. Bowie's Bowie and Jagger's Jagger, of course, and their singing is what it is. What cracks me up about the video is it's as if the director said, "Okay, look: this is Bowie and Jagger, so I don't think we actually have to do any choreography or anything. Just let the guys do what they do."

Usually I prefer sharing vids of live performances, but this is better than any others I found:


Susan said...

Totally agree with your observation about the lack of choreography in the Jagger/Bowie vid there. I wonder if that made the vid that much easier to shoot, though--big names like those 2 might not have been easy to hand even on their own....

Susan said...

(Oops! I meant to say "handle". So glad I came back and reread this....)