Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Reasons not to abandon expository preaching?

To my mind, there are a myriad of reasons not even to toy with the notion of not preaching God's word in the assembly of the saints. But I want to single out an odd one from an odd angle.

I address preachers, exclusively.

Ask yourselves, "What possible thing do I have say, of myself and about myself, that warrants all these people interrupting the course of their lives and gathering together in this place at this time?"

If the answer that comes up from the very depths of your soul isn't "Nothing! Not one thing!"...

...then I'm not certain your head's in the best place for being a preacher in one of Christ's assemblies.

All that to say this: one of my chief reasons not even to be able to conceive of abandoning commitment to opening Scripture in every meeting of Christ's church is simply this question —

What else would I have that's worth talking about?

Nothing. Not one thing.


Merrilee Stevenson said...

Amen. Preach the word.

Rob said...

Where's the FB share button, Dan? This is totally worthy of sharing.

DJP said...

I think I've added it now. Give 'er a try.

And thanks.

Anonymous said...