Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why didn't the amillennialist cross the road?

When I was a guest on a show with Carl Trueman and others, I was favored with a list of reasons why the dispensationalist would not cross the road.

I thought it would be unkind not to offer back the same filial gesture, and so... ten reasons why the amillennialist would not cross the road:
  1. The road is Jesus. Why would I want to cross Jesus?
  2. This road is not mentioned in the Three Forms of Unity.
  3. So many have already crossed it before me. Who am I to cross it for myself?
  4. "Road" sounds so literal...which means it's carnal, which means No.
  5. Two thousand years ago roadcrossing was inaugurated, so I'm already living in the Age of The Other Side of the Road.
  6. Nobody said anything about this road before 1800.
  7. Hal Lindsey crossed a road once. You'll never catch me doing it.
  8. Crossing the road might be taken to mean two ways of salvation.
  9. Pretty sure Calvin, Knox, Owen, Berkhof and Van Til never crossed this road, and they're my heroes.
  10. People who cross roads are not real Calvinists.
  11. "Road" might be used metaphorically. Therefore, there is no road to cross.


Unknown said...

Love it!

Kirby said...

11. They built a mosque on the road, duh.

Kirby said...

12. The atlas of my city shows 1000 roads. Each of these 1000 roads is named, and none of the 1000 roads is cobblestone. The city prides itself on the upkeep of the 1000 roads, with the 1000-Roads Commission taking charge of repairs and plowing. But, and here's the kicker, they're not roads, so nobody has to worry about crossing them.

Larry Geiger said...

I. Don't. Get. It. Once more out of the loop. Oh well, ya'll have fun. Tomorrow is my off Friday and I'm going to play out in the yard, mow and prune.

Robert said...

Funny list!

I just found out that James White is Amill and holds to Covenant Theology. I had no clue...still one of the best apologists of our lifetime.

DJP said...

...otherwise. Yes, perhaps so, in terms of responding very solidly to some specific threats.

Robert said...

Thanks for clarifying...I haven't seen any debates he has done on his eschatological beliefs, but I wonder if he had one with a good proponent of post-millennial dispensationalism if that might change his perspective.

DJP said...

"Post-millennial dispensationalism"? Yes now, that would be interesting.

Robert said...

EEEK...pre-millenial. Sorry, got caught between commenting here and with some people on a FB forum. I should try to slow down on the multi-tasking.

The Chorus in the Chaos said...

good stuff!