Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Very quick thoughts post-election 2016

Well now, let's see if I remember how to do this-here posting thing.




A bit more detail:

Things I was dead-wrong about:
  1. Donald Trump will never ever win the GOP nomination.
  2. Donald Trump is the only GOP candidate Hillary Clinton can beat, and that handily.

Things that are good about this outcome, though I was no Trump fan:
  1. Our country's enemies are more nervous than they've been for eight years.
  2. Israel is more optimistic than it's been for eight years.
  3. Business owners see the possibility of expanding their businesses without fear of Obamacare kicking in, meaning unemployed see hopes for getting a job.
  4. Newscasters and pundits are by and large, en masse, utterly discredited and humiliated — though probably not many are humbled.
  5. There is some likelihood that our constitutionally-guaranteed religious liberty might have a friend in the White  House; with Hillary, there would have been none, barring a miracle.
  6. There is some reason to hope that judicial vacancies will be filled from the position of respect for the rule of law and the constitution; with Hillary, there would have been none, barring a miracle.
In closing:

I think that, by the mercy of God, America in general and practicing Bible-believing Christians in particular really dodged a bullet.

That doesn't mean we haven't, at the same time, stepped into the path of a cannonball. My estimation of Donald Trump hasn't changed. Didn't want him to be president, still wish we had a better man.

But here was the situation, and it was a two-edged sword.

One of my major problems with Donald Trump was that I had no reason to believe he'd do any of the good things he occasional suggested he might do. Sometimes he said (in contrast to his decades-long past) that he was pro-life, pro-2nd-amendment, pro-religious-liberty, pro-small-government, and so forth. I had no reason to believe him.

At the same time, one of my major problems with Hillary Clinton was that I had every reason to believe she'd do every one of the evil, destructive things she consistently promised to do — and a great many other harmful things as well. She was a pro-abortion fanatic who saw no grounds for any protection of the unborn for any reason or in any way, ever. She wanted all of us to pay for abortion. She was not interested in protecting the conscience of Christians; in fact, she said that beliefs would have to change, for this and other of the causes she was interested in pursuing. And on and on.

So, we have a breather.

I propose, in no particular order:
  1. Thank God for His incredible mercy in sparing us from the horribleness that might have been
  2. Pray for Trump's genuine conversion.
  3. Pray that Trump will heed the good counsel of the wiser heads he has around him among his advisers.
  4. Pray for revival.
  5. Pursue revival by: preaching the whole Word intensely, if you're a pastor; joining and wholly supporting a church that preaches the whole Word intensely, if you're not; drawing close to the Lord and immersing yourself in His word, whoever you are.

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