Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hugh Hewitt strikes again: Jay Sekulow on John Roberts

You've perhaps noticed that Hugh Hewitt's blog is listed on my sidebar as one of my daily, must-see haunts. And that's the truth. I go there many times a day.

Hugh has his pluses and minuses -- perhaps the subject of another post, another day -- but he is simply the best interviewer going. He asks contentful, hard-hitting, almost startlingly well-informed and on-target questions. He's respectful and courteous, but not cowed by greatness.

(An aside: it was this that made me a Hugh addict. I had started listening at the recommendation of a fellow-FReeper, and was not "taken" with Hugh for several days. However, I persisted on the strength of "RonDog's" word. Then Hugh had as his guest some flunky representing then-CA-governor Gray Davis, of recent and unlamented memory. I expected some nicey-nice fluff such as Rush Limbaugh would probably do even if one of the Clintons appeared on his show. Wrong! Hugh was polite but toe-to-toe and no-nonsense. What sticks out in my mind, now, years later, is Hugh's response to some bit of attempted spin from the man. Hugh fairly exploded with, "What?! Do you think my listeners are stupid?!" I was hooked from then on.)

All that to say this: if you share some of my gnawing concerns about Supreme Court nominee John "Am I David Souter?" Roberts, you will find Hugh's interview with Jay Sekulow very helpful. Jay's been a great advocate for values and issues of concern to Biblically-oriented Christian Americans, and his word carries weight.

You'll pray with me that God shows this man mercy, and shows America mercy by using him to slow (if not reverse) the downward spiral to which our courts have too often contributed.

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