Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Darwiniacs' neat little circle

Deciphering the tidy little game the High Priests of Darwin have set up... ahem... isn't rocket science.

"No scientist doubts evolution!" they announce.

Cite one, and they respond, "He isn't a scientist! He doubts evolution! No scientist doubts evolution!" See? The category is kept pristine by purging any exceptions.

Further, perhaps you've read as I have of incidents where those who've done the work and paid the dues have then been denied their doctorates because they won't say the Apostate's Creed, and affirm their faith in the Lord Darwin All-Knowing, world without beginning, amen.

Well, a subset of this is the publication game. "No Darwin-doubter has ever done a paper in a peer-reviewed professional journal!"

How would you guess this circle would be kept pure? Same way? Simply don't publish such papers, even though they're out there?

Turns out you'd be right. Read David Klinghoffer on one hapless soul, Smithsonian scientist Richard von Sternberg. Though not even a supporter of Intelligent Design himself, von Sternberg dared to allow a paper to be published in The Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. Hijinks ensued. If your eyes haven't been opened to our bold, open-minded, just-interested-in-the-facts would-be scientific monolith, this may just do it.

Our race bought the line that Godless autonomy would make us as gods ourselves (Genesis 3). The rumor that this might not be true still strikes terror, and we still suppress any suggestion to the contrary (Romans 1:18). Old news, still fresh and true and tragic.

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