Thursday, August 18, 2005

Zondervan: still s-s-sneakin' like a Gollum

Marvin Olasky notes [sorry; link has since died] in WORLD magazine's blog that Zondervan has snuck the inexcusable stealth/treachery TNIV into their literature, so that even those whose denomination rejects its use might find themselves distributing literature depending on it.

In related news, here is an ennumeration of the many perverse changes the TNIV made to Scripture to support their unBiblical, passing-fad, politically correct agenda. These changes obscure the meaning of the original text. Like all sins, they are rationalizable, but not defensible.

Not that I have an opinion, mind you.


CharlieontheT said...

Tried and tried but link not working =(

Let's see if has it...

DJP said...

Yes, sorry. Can't find the source of the first - they've removed or archived it.

I did refresh the second, however.