Thursday, November 17, 2005

Phil Johnson makes my day -- twice in a row!

First, Wednesday, Phil says incredibly gracious things about my Bill Clinton and the woefully-misnamed "continuationalists" post. This is just a little like preaching a sermon, then having Charles Spurgeon pop up afterwards, shake your hand and say, "Not bad, kid."

Then today, I'm listening to my CD of Phil's historical survey on The Story of Calvinism. In the course of his talk, Phil almost offhandedly remarked that Augustine was 56 years old when he began doing his most important and lastingly significant work. Phil -- for reasons I can't begin to image, given his accomplishments -- said that he finds that fact encouraging.

Not as encouraging as this pentegenarian, I'm pretty sure.

Will Phil do it again tomorrow?

UPDATE: Yes! He did! I made it to Phil's "Interesting" blogroll! Woo hoo! And it's the weekend! Does it get any better than this? (Well, OK, yes -- but this is pretty danged cool!)

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