Friday, November 18, 2005

Satan and the Democrats

It boggles the mind to think that Satan evidently thinks he actually has a shot, actually runs the show, actually might win. One of the most astonishing narratives in history has to be Matthew 4. In this chapter, Satan tries to tempt the Lord Jesus to commit Deicide and suicide at the same time. (Give yourself a moment to mull that one over.)

And then he tries again.

And then he tries again.

You think that's insane, and I agree. But with that thought, a second has ruefully followed: given the way most professing believers think and live, can you really blame him? Here we are, however-many-thousands of years later than Genesis 3 -- and we're still falling for the same old line, like a trout striking at the same lure a painful second and third time. The sequence plays out every day: Tempt/fall! Tempt/fall! Tempt/fall!

With so many of us playing the gullible fool so readily and so cheaply, how could he not think he was doing pretty well?

I think of this when I see how the Democrats are pretty much running the House and the Senate these days.

How can they think they talk and act as if they were in charge, in spite of electoral loss after electoral loss, and increasing ideological self-marginalization and repeated humiliations in every arena?

Then, bitterly, comes the second and better question: given the way the (oxymoron alert) "Republican leadership" comports itself, how can they not?

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