Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dang, this is good

Not this. That -- which could be retitled "How George Bush Aborted My Baby" -- is appalling.

What's good is this blow-by-blow deconstruction/commentary on it.

I was tempted to pull some quotations -- but the whole is quotable. Read it.

(H-T Mary Katharine Ham.)


Kim said...

I'm speechless (well, except for these eight words).

Anonymous said...

Dan, that link made my day--especially after I was told earlier today that I was closed-minded for believing that a woman who can't prove that a fetus isn't a human should err on the side of safety and not abort "it."

DJP said...

God bless your close-mindedness, then, Naomi.

Ronald Reagan wasn't known as a deep thinker; I think he was underrated on that score, from what I've learned. But it was his argument that, when you go hunting, you don't just blast away at anything that might not be your hunting partner. You err on the side of life.

I've never heard a convincing response to that.

If you haven't, you might want to check this out as well.

Mike Y said...


I'm utterly dumbfounded that someone either thinks this way or thinks others think this way.

That's it for me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link as well, Dan. I hadn't read that. It is extremely helpful though. I reckon I'll have to direct some folks towards it.

In Christ.

Libbie said...

I am so in a very bad place right now, but it's helpful to read people with the lights on upstairs shredding the self-serving logic of the baby-killer.

I'm just reading too many of these 'testimonials to depraved selfishness' right now. Thinking I really need to check out and fast from the media for a while, before I start breaking things.

candyinsierras said...

It was interesting she used the term "termination services". I wonder if that is the new politically correct term for abortion. I hope someday she wakes up to what an idiotically minded article this was.

DJP said...

One day she will, Candy. I know you share my hope that it's in time.

To some degree, I think I can feel what a woman must feel who had an abortion for what she thought were good reasons, but has the nagging sense that what she did was wrong. (I'm struggling to express this.) At some level, she knows that, for her, admitting that the child was indeed her child, and facing the implications of that realization, are far from an academic or theoretical matter. What she thinks about her world, her life, herself... everything would change, if she changed her mind on that issue. And the change would feel absolutely, gut-wrenchingly hellacious.

My heart goes out to women who have finally been compelled to admit the truth about their abortion decision. It takes a heap of moral courage. I can't imagine facing it without having access to the forgiveness and atonement that are to be found in the blood of Jesus Christ alone.

LeeC said...

Hey DJP,
Thanks for this post on such a sad, sad topic.

I posted this over at Naomis blog, you might find it useful also. is an excellent growing rescource for fighting the good fight on this front.

May the Lord bless and keep you.