Thursday, June 22, 2006

Need a chuckle? Purgatorio has one for you

You Supply the Caption 42 is about the funniest thread I ever remember seeing on Marc's site. Wouldn't it be hysterical to be in a room with all those people?

Okay... with many of those people?


Mike Y said...

Ohh! That's too funny. His friends were pretty cruel in giving him that disappearing ink.


BlackCalvinist said...


This was hilarious.

You're getting blogspotted.

BlackCalvinist said...

oops... make that Blogwatched™ :)

Screaming Pirate said...

What are you trying to say, you would never want to meet me. Thanks alot. I would never want to meet you either.

DJP said...

Screaming Pirate -- huh?

Kevin -- hey, email me when you can, would you?

No Fluff Required said...

"Z Z top finds God"


Student of History said...

I think Phil's was the best. The guy was stumping for Pyromaniacs. :+)

Gotta love that.

Warmly (a literal statement today),

One Salient Oversight said...

212 days until Beethoven's Birthday!