Friday, June 02, 2006

Family Films

An email reminded me that I'd done a post at FreeRepublic four years ago, recommending family films and soliciting other recommendations. I should really do an update. Hope you find some use of this as a resource.

What I'm working on: posts on temperament, WORLD magazine, and Harry Potter.

Oh, and one on illegal immigration.

(It does say "eclectic" up there, doesn't it?)


Kim said...

When my kids see something eclectic, they call it "random." Random is good.

I'm looking forward to all of those posts, except the one on illegal immigration. I'm so ignorant about that issue, everything will probably go over my head more than usual.

The one on "temperament" has me really curious.

No Fluff Required said...

This oughta be good,

jc said...

It may be early or late in saying this, but happy half-century life anniversary.

[i checked out the link and did some math.]

jc said...

Cross out that part in the above comment about being early.