Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kitties: take two

OK, remember -- this is because Robert asked for it. I tried this morning, and the technology outsmarted me. But here we are.

Okay, that's enough kitties for now. Next scheduled post is back to the usual unusual.


Kim said...

They are just to sweet. The eyes on the first one are so blue.

I'll bet they are pretty rambuctious at times. When our cat was a kitten, he used to climb curtains, quited wall hangings, and anyone else who happened to be standing around.

Jeremy Weaver said...

To adapt a phrase from my hero-"Cats. Pheh!"

DJP said...

[ Opening personal notebook, going to section marked "Things Jeremy is wrong about," making yet another entry, closing personal notebook.... ]

Mike Y said...

Those are some great pics Dan! I really do love kittens. It's when they become cats that I'm glad they belong to my friends.

Despite this, I came very close to bringing home a kitten the other day. My friend's neighbor has a bunch running wild throughout the neighborhood. Apparently, they don't want them and have a habbit of letting them wander off into the trails, never to return. This is the trail that made headlines a couple of years ago for the cougars killing cyclists, joggers, etc. Oh, plenty of bobcats there too.

Anyway, there was this one that just kept following me around. Brendan desperately wants one too. I'm almost there. I tried, and he wasn't satisfied with frogs or iguanas as an alternative.

My main concern is how my dogs will react.

DJP said...

On the one hand, Maine Coons specifically are reputed to mix in great with other pets.

On the other hand, purebreds are very expen$ive.

You can occasionally find mixes, though.

I was a cat-disdainer. The ferals we found in our garage 15+ years ago won me over.

Mike Y said...

We had two of the world's greatest cats when we first moved here. The one, as I mentioned before, used to share in my early morning devotions. But she was getting pretty old and started peeing everywhere. My wife put her in the garage and we never saw her again. That was pretty devastating as that cat was a best friend to my wife when she was a struggling with so much in her life and before we met.

The other one was simply beautiful, and perhaps the most muscular cat I'd ever seen. She too was quite cool. One night she snuck out the door. The next morning, all we found was a ball of loose fur. We're not sure if she got nabbed by a bobcat, dog or possibly a coyote. I like to think some kids may have found her and simply decided to shave her before giving her a good home.

What made it all the more worse was that we lost both cats within a month of each other. They had been part of the family for more than 10 years.

TMU said...

spectacular picture of them sleeping on the chair -- great perspective.

i just randomly found your blog after i'd googled Andree Seu and then followed the link to your site.

Amen, brother!