Thursday, July 20, 2006

Okay, okay... I GET it now!

When Annette said she didn't see any kitties, she wasn't saying they didn't look like kitties -- she was saying there WERE NO kitties. I'm slow, but I get there eventually.

I was fooled by a Picasa / Blogger interface thingie I didn't understand, that made it so I could see the pictures, but nobody else could. Same thing happened with today's Pyro post, which I've had to un-publish and re-publish about a kajillion times.

So... kitties later, DV, after I get home.

Until then, here's an idea of how big Maine Coon kitties can get -- and we think our Hagrid is aiming at this goal.


Carrie said...

My comment on the kitty pics was just a joke by the way. :)

Mike Y said...

That has got to be the fuzziest and most complacent Bobcat I have ever seen. Kudos to you for taming the wild beast

candyinsierras said...

My eyes started itching just looking at all that fur!

Chris said...

You know... cats will eat their owners if driven to it by hunger. I feel comfortable fending off my cats, but with that cat, I'm getting flashes of the R.O.U.S's in the fireswamp.

DJP said...

That isn't our cat; it's actually a picture from a German site. I just like it, to show how BIG those fellas can get.

We met the sire of our "runt," Little Bit. My wife's recollection is that the breeder had just had him to the vet, and he weighed in at twenty-five pounds. I petted him, and his skull was... well, it was close to our 6yo's, to the feel!

They have big heads, big paws, lots of fur. The cool thing about their fur is that unlike Norwegian Forest Cats and Persians, they're pretty much self-maintaining all the same. If they get a brushing 1x/week, it's all-good.

And yeah, Candy -- I've been using a nose spray for 15 years so that I can live with the kitties.

Kim said...

That cat looks like it could make mincemeat out of my Beagle.

Mike Y said...

Our last cat liked to sleep on my head every now and then. That one in the picture would send me home to Jesus.