Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inconsequential progress report and two variouses

Sorry, but I misunderestimated how hard it'd be to discipline my thoughts into a digestible post. I am working on it; it may (sigh) end up being two posts. Hope to have the first up today, if I can.

And I've been so mean to you, closing comments on the first, then putting up a restricted-comment-policy post.

So here's two adiaphora:

First, I'm at our local grocery story (Raley's) last night. Their excellent Tri-tip is on sale for $2.97 a pound, and I'm stocking the larder.

And I see the deli chicken. Here are the prices:

8 pieces $6.99
16 pieces $13.99

I pointed out what I noticed to the young lady, whose blank stare in response told me I was looking at yet another glowing product of our government education camps.

Second, this is hysterical. (H-t m'mate Craig.)

BONUS: how to tell if your cat is trying to kill you. (Why "cat" and not "pit bull"? Because pb's don't "try.")


Michael said...

I think we can all agree cats are just smarter - ergo there plans are much more convoluted and prone to failure.

I mean really now.

My other post would have been, Yes pitt bulls but what about Hockey Moms?

Stefan Ewing said...

Re the chicken, because 2 8-packs would be $13.98?

Don't be too hard on the lady behind the counter, though. She's not the one who comes up with the prices.

Bus fare from where I live to Downtown Vancouver is $5.00 (it's a long ride). The commuter train is $6.75. I was late for an appointment, so I had to take the train today, and pay an upgrade fare. It should be $1.75, right? Nope. $4.75 for the privilege of standing on an overcrowded train for 20-minute, 12-mile trip.

I said, jokingly, to the station attendant, "It's extortion!" Then said, "I don't blame you—you don't set the fares." She still gave me some spiel about how I could take the bus if I don't like it....

~Mark said...

When buying food pay special attention to the "per ounce" price. That's the real key to savings in a non 2 for 1 situation. In tuna shopping recently I found the small cans of two brands were over 20 cents apart in ppo (price per ounce).

Yet when comparing the larger cans of the same two brands, the one that was less expensive per ounce in the small can was actually 17 cents more expensive per ounce in the large can!

Crazy, man...

DJP said...

Stefan, I don't blame her for the price.

I blame her for not being able to follow me when I pointed out the silliness.

Stefan Ewing said...


Your description on the last thread of how your church has reached out to the local neighbourhood is uncannily like our church's approach.

It was planted 40 years ago by Mennonite Brethren, but with the deliberate intention of not being an ethnic Mennonite enclave—the planters went so far as to impose an English-only policy when many of them spoke Low German (I think) as a first language.

The purpose was to be an outreach in the heart of a multi-ethnic city, and praise God, every Sunday is a witness to God's ingathering of the nations (and solidly elder-led and Gospel-centered down the line, naturally).

The church is also multi-lingual, but everyone attends the same sermons, with simultaneous translation provided into the necessary heart languages.

In fact, as an ethnically half-Jewish person, it was probably this proliferation of different nations (to use Isaiah's language) worshipping together that led me (before I came to Christ) to feel like I, too, fit in.

Not to mention that we do a lot of community outreach as well....

Rhology said...

Not long ago, I saw this sign outside a convenience store:

Red Bull
2 12-oz cans - $2.99
4 12-oz cans - $6.49