Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whew! Great news! Obama may be a lying, hypocritical deceiver!

What? Why are you looking at me like that? Didn't you hear?

First, remember: Obama's voting record (when he could be bothered to vote) was distinctly left. Obama ran as a leftist, murmuring Socialist concepts. On the war, Obama made his name in the Senate as being out-front pro-surrender and pro-defeat. He predicted the Surge would never work but would make things much worse (oopsie), then refused to admit that he was dead-wrong. Obama's alliances were racist, Marxist, radically leftist.

Obama was supported by the most insanely leftist folks in America and abroad, beloved by our enemies who want to see us as weak, timid, cowed, and apologetic. They'd love to see an America on its knees (and not in prayer — at least, not at first), and they saw Obama as the man to make it happen.

Yet now apparently Obama's assembling this respectable (to many), more centrist and moderate team for his administration. (Truth is, it's looking a lot more like Clinton III than "change" to me.)

Conservatives and liberals alike are noting this. Lefty E. J. Dionne (Jr.) noted it. I heard righty Bill Bennett celebrating it just this morning.

Now, of course, they're not saying it the way I am. They're all admiring and praising and marveling, and all that. And don't mistake me: as I said, I'm happy for Obama to make complete fools out of everyone who voted for him, by not delivering on his distinctly evil and/or foolish promises.

But let's not be dopey children about it. I urged Christians to pray for two things: that the Lord would soundly convert Obama and get him discipled, or that he'd be prevented from delivering on his foolish and/or evil promises.

There is no evidence for the former. So keep praying. But if this is a species of the latter...

...I'm thankful!

Just not naïve.

Now we wait to see what he actually does.


Mesa Mike said...

No, I didn't read the post yet.

I'll hafta stop laughing from seeing the Obama-LOLCat picture first...

neur0n said...

me, I saw a Picasso face.
What's that mean?

DJP said...

You're in a Cubist frame of mind?

candy said...

Che cat.

CR said...

I only wish that he was lying about his judicial picks.

I think you have some great prayers in your part 3 theologizing and strategizing Part 3 for Obama.

I must admit I'm doubtful of any conversion of Obama for three reasons. (1) No prayers were for Bill Clinton seemed to change him. He got worse.

(2)The Lord is usually good about giving the people what they want. Israel wanted the king, so He gave them some to their demise. The American electorate wanted Obama and we got him.

(3)The Lord usually prefers, the humble, the poor and the down trodden. That doesn't mean the poor and down trodden are better than the rich, but with very few exceptions, He does seem to prefer them. Obama seems to believe it is more important to go to the gym than worship. He gave some lame excuses about why he hasn't been going to church on Sundays.

So, while I'll continue to pray for his conversion, I have to be honest I'm not hopeful given the Lord's pattern of who he saves. I will continue to pray that He would frustrate his plans and that his administration would not last more than one term. The American electorate appear only to care about gas prices, health care and other pocket book issues so it seems that an Obama administration would last one term only if there is an economic catastrophe.