Thursday, December 25, 2008

Phillips Family Christmas Eve Pizza photo-essay

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Start with Valerie's wonderful pizza dough, with nice big edges rolled up on a pizza stone.

Bake it for awhile, then add plenty of sauce.

You've got the start of a sizable pizza.

Add a base of mozzarella, preferably hand-grated by Jonathan:

Then add some of the meat (ground sausage and beef atop slices from a couple of different "logs," in this case).

Then for a nice Christmasy touch, the red and green chopped peppers:

Then still more meat (e.g. bacon, Canadian bacon, pepperoni), and mushrooms and olives for those who enjoy them.

Then the final snowfall of mozzarella (most years I mix cheeses; not this year).

Bake it up nice and golden at 425 degrees.

You've got yourself a substantial Christmas Eve pizza!

Now take a slice, and enjoy!

UPDATE: by popular demand, click here for the pizza recipe. My dear wife says, and I quote:
Although this recipe states that it’s for (3) pizzas, we used it all on a 15” stone. It made for a very thick, bread-like crust. Next year, I’d use a little less dough and increase the wheat flour a tad. Because we used the entire ball of dough, cook the dough for 10-15 minutes first before adding any toppings. Otherwise, it won’t be done when the toppings are cooked through. Overall, this is the best crust recipe we have tried.


Moon said...

ok that looks delicious! I'll take a slice with mushrooms and olives please :D

CR said...

I second Rita, except please add pepporoni, linguicia and Italian sausage.


Fred Butler said...

Can your wife email us her dough recipe? We had Christmas pizza last night, but the dough could had been much better.

David said...

Looks good, but ... no onions? Can this be true?

Rachael Starke said...

Okay, I love y'all, and Dan, you know you're my brother...

but I can't believe all the obscenity filters I have on my computer let that picture by.

That "pizza", right there, is why the terrorists hate us.

DJP said...

David: the list of ingredients is not exhaustive.

There are indeed chopped red onions.

And Carlo, there is pepperoni, and summer sausage, and one other sausage (besides the ground sausage).

DLW said...

That is an impressive pizza. How does it taste? Do you make your own sauce?

I would like a copy of the dough recipe as well. We have searched for the best pizza dough recipe for years and if this one tastes like it looks, then I am sure it would be a winner.

Thanks Dan.

DJP said...

I'm asking Valerie about the recipe. This is the best we've had; though I'll tell you, first time we experimented was almost surely over 15 years ago. Using what was on hand at my parents' house, Valerie just made a mixed wheat/white bread dough, and it worked dandy.

But this year was a new dough, and it was really great.

Ron B. said...

Now that's a pizza pie!
There should be a warning from the surgeon general.
"consume at your own risk"
or "eating more than one piece could be hazardous to you health"

Your crust creates a deep dish with out the dish, great idea.
CR- Linguica is my favorite pizza topping. Especially the spicy kind!

~Mark said...


Merry Christmas Dan and everybody! I love making pizza and I'm getting better at making stuffed pizzas. It takes 45 minutes to cook one but man what a meal!

DJP said...

You know what started me off, Mark? LeVar Burton, "Reading Rainbow," maybe 17 years ago. He made a pizza on an episode, and I thought it looked fun and doable. Got a box at the store, made a simple one. The possibilities opened up, the rest is history.

DLW said...

"Using what was on hand at my parents' house, Valerie just made a mixed wheat/white bread dough"

Your wife must be a dandy cook. Creating bread doughs off the top of your head is impressive considering baking is more of a science than and an art.

still drooling...

DJP said...

All right, gang: the crust recipe is now added to the post as an Update, thanks to Valerie.

beachbirdie said...

Yummm! That looks so good! We'll definitely be trying it, thanks for the crust recipe. Sadly half the family is vegetarian, so we don't usually do meat pizza anymore (sigh).

~Mark said...

"You know what started me off, Mark? LeVar Burton, "Reading Rainbow," "

~No way! It's so wild how we never know how what we do will spark something in another.

I had a pudding fixation from age 5 til I was in my teens because of an episode of "Electric Company". :D

DLW said...


Thank you for forwarding the pizza recipe to DLW (my husband)who forwarded the pizza recipe to me LEW
who is very appreciative and thanks DJP's wife for sharing it.

ChosenClay said...

Pizza on Christmas Eve?

Sounds yummy!

Our family had started a prim rib tradition on Christmas day several years ago, but with my lack of work, we settled on turkey this year. But pizza will be on tonights menu!

Gilbert said...


Where do I buy the steel-reinforced cabinet that it's sitting on to support a behemoth like that?

Susan said...

Thank you, Valerie!!!! (Can't wait to pile my own toppings on there--probably the same as yours, since yours look soooooooooooo good!!!)

Susan said...

(Oh, and Electric Company was my FAVORITE PBS SHOW when I was a kid. I can still hum the theme song! That was also my first intro to Morgan Freeman. But I digress....)

candy said...

I think we will make this on New Year's Eve. Awesome pizza!

Becky Schell said...

Dan, I was so drooling over this post, and it finally hit me that I have my own pizza tale to share!