Friday, February 13, 2009

Hither and thither — 2/13/09

Here's this week's overflowing cornucopia:
  • Breaking news! Palin Derangement Disorder still turning should-be professionals into classless jerks! (Of course, had Trig never been on stage, we'd have been told the family was "ashamed" of him, and "trying to hide" him, because of course they're hypocrites.)
  • You have to love a web site titled I Hate the Media, and subtitled Exposing the third-rate fourth estate.
  • Larry Elder offers seven wonderful questions that no Obamolatrous MSMer will ask the Pres.
  • Did you know that yesterday was Academic Freedom Day? Well, it was. Read more here.
  • Okay. Now I get it:
  • Wow. Talk about a warning-shot. Think this young idiot's God-given neurons will start firing now, maybe specifically about this, or this? Naw; me neither. He's laughing over a beer somewhere, as his finite number of remaining seconds gets smaller and smaller towards an inevitable zero.
  • You really, really know you have a problem when you do this.
  • An Aussie writer admits what President Obama won't. Tom Switzer is still clueless about the past, still misinformed about Hussein, still thinks like a 9/10er... but has to admit that President Bush's "surge" has worked admirably, and that Iraq continues to move from bloody tyranny to freedom.
  • Hm. Next time you get a cold, don't blow your nose. (Right.)
  • Careful, Phil. There's a law about everything.
  • It's fried. I'll eat it.
  • Ahh, BibChr blog. Where else would you get Bible, politics, culture, news, humor... and Muppet back-stories?
  • I Am Not Making This Up Dept. Good heavens. Where's the poxy "Defender of Faith" when you need him? A tiny little five year old girl is chewed out to the point of tears for her "intolerance", because she dared to share an unpopular facet of her Christian faith with another student. Then her mother is called on the carpet for using her private email at home to ask friends to pray for the situation. But, the school responds, they're not being anti-Christian. Oh, no! How could anyone think that? That's the European model to which our liberal overlords want to take us. (h-t Libbie; Brit-bro Gary Benfold also kindly emailed me this)
  • Let no one say that this blog doesn't do romance. Lookie here. (It's a contest.)
  • And on the general subject of romance, but far off into the Bizarro-world of Islamic countries, and veering from any notion of "romance" and off to "child molestation": a Saudi father sold his eight-year-old daughter in marriage to a forty-seven year old man to settle a debt. The judge, Sheikh Habib Abdallah al-Habib, refused to annul the wedding but requested that the man stay away from the girl until puberty.
  • Senator John Kerry, who married into millions, disapproves of letting Americans keep their money. (Hel-lo-o? Democrat?) Why? Too much freedom! Can't have that! Not when we've got The Omnieverything Government to help us!
  • Yet another son making a name for himself by shaming his good father and knifing his grave. Evidently feeling he hasn't yet made enough of a fool of himself in public, Frank Schaeffer gives it another go.
  • Please Don't Gloat Dept. You all can get a glimpse at what happens when liberals/Democrats run a prosperous, richly-endowed state into the ground.
  • And now... this.



Truth Unites... and Divides said...

"Yet another son making a name for himself by shaming his good father and knifing his grave. Evidently feeling he hasn't yet made enough of a fool of himself in public, Frank Schaeffer gives it another go."

The update to your "Dad's video" thread applies especially to Franky.

DJP said...


Kevin Rhyne said...

The Lego thing is just cool...

Aaron said...

The animal hair is a little freaky...But maybe it will keep the boys at bay (yeah right).

That is a despicable article by Frank Schaeffer.

I would love to send support to Jasmine and her mother. I wonder if there is some way to contact them. Note to all American Christians. This is coming here, and quickly.

CA, get ready for out of control taxes (as if they don't already have close to the highest tax rates already). I wonder who will pay the taxes when they drive all the real taxpayers into other states? It's really a shame. CA is truly one of God's most magnificent creations. To see it in such a state grieves me.

Mesa Mike said...

Another great crop of of H&T!
I'll henceforth refrain from blowing my nose. Forever.

But, regarding the "And now... this" photo: Are you trying to get me into trouble?

DJP said...

What th--?

No clue.

~Mark said...

I just spoke with my friend in San Jose yesterday and as she told me what's happening in Cali, I said the same thing to her you just said here, and she said people are actually waking up to that fact.

To quote a local talk show host: "Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent."

SolaMommy said...

C'mon, Dan. He snorted the cocaine off the toilet tank, not the toilet seat. You're being so unfair!


DJP said...

Hm. I wonder if that article was changed after I linked it. Check this and this.

Of course, if it was a toilet TANK instead of a SEAT, that changes EVERYTHING!


Rachael Starke said...

The Muppet piece made me so happy.

The British mum piece made me want to cry, and vomit. The personal email part on its own is sickening.
God bless her and grant her justice.

I despise all the vulgarity and insanity that gets offered up as free speech in this country. But I have to remember that any move to suppress that (justified as it is) would simply be a beutifully carved and gilded open door to banning other "offensive" things like little children talking about Jesus at recess and their mothers' private prayers for them.

Aaron said...


I sure hope they wake up. I know many people who have moved away from there (like myself) or plan to do so soon. Hugh Hewitt had a segment devoted to this very topic.

I used to tell people that I lived within view of the mountains and only 40 miles from the beach, yet most days I probably couldn't get to either because traffic was so bad. and if you have kids there, you have to homeschool because with the high tax rates, its doubtful you afford to send your kids to private school.

DJP said...

Yet here's the strange flip-side to that, Aaron: California is one of the best states for homeschooling, law-wise.

For now.

Go figure.

Dem governor? All bets off.

Stefan said...

1. Strong Tower should appreciate those Muppet back stories. That 1971 IBM training video that featured the "Wheeler-Stealer" (a.k.a. Cookie Monster) shows him devouring a computer. I saw it once years ago and it's hilarious, but you'll have to search for it yourself, since copies of it seem to disappear as quickly as they appear.

2. The treatment of that girl in England and her mother is reprehensible. It is also disturbing that someone in her church to whom she entrusted her prayer request might have been the one who—directly or indirectly, deliberately or inadvertently—brought it to the attention of the school. And why do I have the feeling that if another religion (ANY other religion) were in question, the school would have given the whole matter the velvet-glove treatment, for fear of appearing "intolerant"? But Christians are fair game, of course.

DJP said...

I had the same thought, Stefan.

Christians aren't known for blowing up buildings, kidnapping innocents, sawing off heads, if we get our feelings hurt.

Rachael Starke said...

"But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil."
Jesus (Luke 6:35)

"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and his messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be to be killed or crucified, or to have their hands and feet chopped off on opposite sides, or to be expelled out of the land. Such will be their humiliation in the world, and in the next world they will face an awful horror."
Mohammed (Koran, 5:33-34)


Mesa Mike said...

> you have to homeschool because
> with the high tax rates, its
> doubtful you afford to send your
> kids to private school.

What? The excellent California public school system isn't an option????

DJP said...


See, this is what happens when you're so good you make it look easy.


Julie said...


Where else can I find religions, politics, Muppets, Legos, hair-styling suggestions, AND advice about blowing my nose, all in one place ?!?!

Thanks for a half-hour of randomness :0)

But beyond the entertainment value,
I'm bothered by the cruelty shown to the English girl, but horrified by the child-bride. Praying especially for her...

DJP said...

Thank you, Ma'am; I do believe you've surrounded it.

Tell a friend!

Annemarie said...

oh my. I thought that I was having a bad hair day!

And because I have to say it, as a mother of 4, when I saw Trig at that convention, all I could think of was how loud it must be there and that he should be in bed. Yep, that is what I thought.


Rita Martinez said...

"The proper method is to blow one nostril at a time and to take decongestants,"---> isn't that what everyone does?
scorpion bites!? ugh!, now Marmite I've been dying to try I'd probably hate it though..I have more of a sweet tooth...
"It's fried. I'll eat it."--> I've abandoned most fried foods, I'll have the brownie with cookie dough and peanut butter on the corn batter please. Thank you!

DJP said...

...with cocoa?

Rita Martinez said...

"...with cocoa?"---> noooo that would be too much chocolate :P

An Aussie writer admits what President Obama won't. ---> I should email that to my dad and everything else on obama...he's a huge obama supporter...

"A tiny little five year old girl is chewed out to the point of tears for her 'intolerance'"---> her intolerance? or the teacher's intolerance...

"a Saudi father sold his eight-year-old daughter in marriage to a forty-seven year old man to settle a debt."---> and to think there are people out there who still think human beings are inherently good?

DJP said...

...too much chocolate

There are many to whom the combination of those words, thus, would be inconceivable.

Rita Martinez said...

I know but there is such a thing as too much chocolate...but never too much hot cocoa, that's different.

Aaron said...

>"Yet here's the strange flip-side >to that, Aaron: California is one >of the best states for >homeschooling, law-wise."

Well, it actually is in a tier of low regulation. I now live in Texas which basically has no regulation. So CA is homeschool friendly but not in the top ten.

The worst states: North Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Based on the last court decision in CA, of which I'm sure you are aware, and based on the liberal ideology that CA has with the states on the list above, I'd feel pretty safe in prognosticating a less friendly future for CA homeschoolers.

>What? The excellent California >public school system isn't an >option????

There obviously some very good schools in CA that provide a solid academic education without too much anti-Christian pressure. The rest aren't as good educationally, but they're sure to provide an excellent technical training for those seeking careers related to fornication, recreational cannabis consumption, or criminal sociology.

Julie said...


You got there before me.

Did somebody actually put the words "too much" and "chocolate" in the same sentence?

Aaron said...

I must be weird. My mom and Dad both love chocolate to the extreme. Myself, I think some of it is ok, but I don't find it anything to get excited over.

candy said...

Hey! I read "I Hate the Media" too!

After reading your bits and pieces and a new article elsewhere that mentions the bill that was passed banning children's books written prior to 1985 because of "lead", I feel like I am living inside of an Orwell, Huxley, or Bradbury novel.

Solameanie said...

Hmmm. If you think those ladies are bad, how about this?

And that was back in 1971.

Solameanie said...

Oops. I mean 1973.

Rita Martinez said...

Did somebody actually put the words "too much" and "chocolate" in the same sentence?
Julie I just have a sensitive stomach for a few things...I realized one day years ago at my godmother's house (I come from a catholic family so lets call her my aunt although we're not blood relatives...) during my birthday she thought it would be nice to place large bowls of those mini versions of all types of ruth, almond joy, snickers, you name it...and I thought it'd be a nice idea to sit down and eat 'em all...lets just say during the rest of my trip the bathroom became my best friend..sorry for the details :P
conclusion: there is such a thing as too much chocolate.

Annette said...

it is true gets a better 'blow-out' of the nose if one does it one nostril at a time...preferrably the farmers way....hold nostril blow hard...and well...make sure you've checked which way the wind is blowing. :)

Susan said...

1. If I may, Dan, that Saudi judge DID make the man pledge not to touch the girl until puberty and also said that when the girl reaches puberty she will then be able to file a petition for divorce. (I'm only making a correction as I see it in the article--I am NOT supporting this kind of "marriage"! Really sickening. What a horrible father she has, and what a horrible judicial system not to allow her own mother to claim her back! Hope the man will keep his pledge but am really fearful for the girl....)

2. Those hairdos--wonder what PETA has to say about those....

DJP said...

Thank you Susan. I sure felt it read the way I reported it when I linked; regardless, it doesn't now, so I appreciate the correction. (I've updated.)

Carol Jean said...

On the Obamolatrous topic, I had a conversation with a slobbering 20-year-old college student who was going on and on about how the chosen was is going to restore the middle class (it's extinct, don'tcha know?),fix the economy, and put a chicken in every pot. She mentioned how wonderful it was that he gave a house to this poor homeless woman.

My 14-year old an I have recently been watching some pre-WWII videos of Joseph Goebbels (Hitler's propaganda minister). I'm not saying....but 1/2 hour of that and you'll be swearing allegiance to the 3rd
Reich. They're gonna fix the economy and restore Germany to its rightful place in the world...I'm not saying....

"Now the people will have self-respect, work, and bread again." Joseph Goebbels

Robert-the-Chemist said...

I remember seeing an article a few years back by Gary North entitled something like "Franky Schaeffer, would you please SHUT UP!"(I don't have the link yet) He should have taken Gary's advice.

DJP said...

Good memory, Robert. Here it is.

Without endorsing North nor everything in the article, I do have to express great love for this:

Franky has now moved from his carefully cultivated role as “the angry young Protestant rebel with a cause” to “the angry, no longer young, ex-Protestant rebel with a
whine. ”

DJP said...

...and after that, it gets really brutal!