Monday, February 02, 2009

Shocking: "Piper Abandons Acting To Focus On Motherhood"


(Happy Monday)


DJP said...

...if that's not a contradiction in terms.

Mesa Mike said...

You mean, Piper's preaching has been but an act all these years????

DJP said...

I report. You decide.

Jerry said...

Ah yes, that Piper, Rose Tyler.

DJP said...

Hey. Comedy's hard.

(I don't even know the actress in question. Just liked the headline.)

Libbie said...

'I think the worst of the being awake is over now'

[still clutching my sides laughing]

Bless her. ;-)

She's well-loved in this house, and given that her last role was as an oxymoronic 'high-class prostitute', that's not always a helpful thing.

shaun m. said...

Dan, I'm disappointed. Are you not a fan of the new Doctor Who series? What's the use in being a Trekkie and not also a Whovian?

Susan said...

Ah, Rose in Dr. Who. They show it on PBS here.

And yes, you had me fooled, Dan, with that extremely misleading and confusing heading. I thought it meant:

[Dr.] Piper Abandons ["]Acting To Focus on Motherhood["][, an organization previously endorsed by him.]

DJP said...

Well, Susan, I don't care how I fooled you; I only care that I fooled you.