Sunday, February 01, 2009

WOW: happy 100th, ""Bev"

Gospel-singer George Beverly Shea turns 100 today. "Bev" was still singing at 99. I think most of us will count ourselves blessed to be of any use to anyone at 99, much less so much use to so many.

With humble humor, Shea says, "When they ask me to sing these days, they're just being kind, you know?"

But I think his wife has it right — with allowance for forgivable pride in her husband:
"When everybody else sings, it's a personality singing," Karlene Shea said. "When he sings, something else comes over you — the words, the message, and you forget he's standing there."
Indeed. There aren't many Christian singing artists who I care to hear all that much... but I'll gladly listen to Shea anytime. He sings it like he means it, with heart and without pyrotechnics, and I enjoy that.

Here's a recent performance and talk with Bev, though I've not yet found the date.

You can send "Bev" birthday wishes HERE.


Sam said...

Bev's "Victory in Jesus" is pure gold. What would my iPod be without it?

GrammaMack said...

That interview is on the program 100 Huntley Street, in Toronto. Just one more reason to be glad to be a Canadian. :-)

~Mark said...

I got the same feeling Mrs. Shea describes when I watch Steve Green worship. It's like being invited to an intimate moment between a man and his God.