Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Logos March Madness

If you're a user of Logos Bible software (reviewed here), you'll be interested in this tournament/sale. All of the listed books will be at least 25% off; vote for books to be advanced to even higher discounts, up to 75% off.


Chris Brauns said...

Let me guess. You're disappointed because they don't have the collected works of Flannery O'Connor on sale.

Mr Wizzard said...

I'm pretty new to my copy of Logos... And since everyone wins on this kind of bracket, got any good picks?

DJP said...

Chris — yes, it is quite the let-down. I suppose I'll just have to get a hammer and whack my forehead a few times as an approximation, instead.

Wiz — at this point you get to pick eight from each category. I already have a number of them. If I had to pick one? After my usual (true) wiggle-words about needing to know the recipient's interests and needs, I suppose I'd say:

Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Assurance of Our Salvation, The

Motyer, J. A. Prophecy of Isaiah, The

Charnock, Stephen Existence and Attributes of God, The

Popular is REALLY hard, because quite a few of those titles are excellent. It'd almost be easier to pick what I wouldn't recommend.

Van Til's Defense of the Faith was pivotal for me; but the complete works of Schaeffer, the books by Piper or Bridges or Sproule (in that order) - any would be good picks.

Aaron said...

BTW, my pastor who recently bought a MAC now uses accordance and is looking to sell a bunch of logos and bibleworks stuff. If anybody is interested, I can give you my e-mail address whereby we can exchange information.

Mr Wizzard said...

Does he know he can convert his Logos over to use on a Mac?

Aaron said...

Mr Wizzard:

This is what my Pastor said:

"Logos is really a great program. I switched because I am on a Mac and it was a hassle to have the Virtual Machine up and running just to use the Bible software."

I'm not familiar with Macs or with the software so I didn't mention it. I just chastised him for having to switch (I build my own computers and have never had any serious issues that caused him to switch).

Mr Wizzard said...

Logos made a native mac version now.

Aaron said...

I saw it after your original post and sent the info to my pastor.

Aaron said...

Ok, my Pastor now says that the MAC version of LOGOS is severely limited. He tried it and didn't like it. He now says that accordance runs circles around Logos.

DJP said...

Dude paints himself in a corner, walls himself off from 98% of the world, then blames the world. Beautiful.


Mr Wizzard said...

@Aaron- Yeah, I was afraid of that, I mean, there's a reason I've been a PC guy for 15 years... ;)

FWIW: I've spoken with some of the Logos team, and it seems like they're very genuine at wanting to make their product better, and I'm sure the next version of the LDLS engine will be even more spectacular (speed is a big issue I hear).