Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Should I be concerned, happy, or cracking up?

This is the second such email I've gotten from this sender:

I told my dear wife, and she thought somebody was having fun with my email address. I don't know... is it the first step towards my new goal (see item #2 here)?

It's funny, either way.


DJP said...

Hm; think I could get a Press pass to a press conference?

Maybe just, you know, put in a question or two?

Shinar Squirrel said...

Lol, I can see it!

"Mr. Phillips."

"Dan Phillips, Biblical Christianity, Mr. President, how do you justify your economic policies in light of Proverbs 17:26?"

We can wish...

The Squirrel

DJP said...

That could be fun. Get a list of questions my readers think I would or should ask.

Jeff said...

I can see it now, one question and a quick escort out of the building.

bugblaster said...

You're part of his posse.

Fred Butler said...

On a similar note, I have heard that if Obama goes through with his legislation that forces doctors to do abortions even if it goes against their conscience, that the Catholic Church has threatened to close their American hospitals.

Urban legend?

I find such an "Atlas Shrugged" moment to be amazing, but I can't see how such a thing could possibly be done.

Trinian said...

I can just see the headline. "White House press conference broken up following the arrest of an unknown member of the press screaming, 'For the love of the only just and righteous God, my name isn't Phil!!'"

Shinar Squirrel said...

In the news: "Actor John Malkovich was arrested today for causing a disturbance during a White House press briefing. Mr. Malkovich gained entrance by using press credentianls issued to famed Pastor and Blogger, Dan Phillips. Mr. Phillips could not be reached for comment."

(Dan's gonna ban me for this, I just know it...)

The Squirrel

DJP said...

I actually did see that one coming, but just shrugged and let it happen.

Sort of like the country did with Obama.

Shinar Squirrel said...


I would dearly love to see something like that happen. The government would just take over the hospitals, therefore accelerating their take over of the health care industry. But it would be fun to see someone take a stand like that.

I wonder how many health care professionals would quit?

There's a storm coming, brothers and sisters.

The Squirrel

~Mark said...

Pope Ratzenberger wants you in the loop!

VcdeChagn said...

See if you can borrow Bill Koenig's pass. He probably doesn't have one anymore, though.

There's a storm coming, brothers and sisters.

Some of us have already been hit by hail (I go to a small church but about 1/3 of the congregation is laid off or "under" employed).

Bill: "Going Green"
Dusty: "Greenage"

Name that movie :)

Shinar Squirrel said...

1. Twister

2. The hail you say. I was laid off from my money-making job right before Christmas, and haven't found anything else yet. That's why you're seeing so much of me around here :-)

3. The storm I speak of isn't just economical. As our society moves further and further from God, God's people will face more and more persecution. See Dan's post yesterday and the hate that is directed at those who opposed prob. 8.

(Sorry, didn't mean to sound like David Wilkerson)

4. There's a reason why we think it would be funny for Dan to ask questions in a White House presser. It's because we know that there is no way in hail that he'd get an honest answer.

The Squirrel

trogdor said...

Forget getting a straight answer, there's no way he'd even be allowed to axe a question. You think the Obama actually takes non-screened, genuine questions from the press?

Anonymous said...

A pro-Obama religious professional I know who knows all of the people on Obama's new faith-based & neighborhood whatever-it's-called advisory group (at least the first named 15) put out the same thing. You're in.

Carol Jean said...

As long as you're not on THIS White House e-mail list, you shouldn't be too worried. He starts shopping your church, you've got a BIG problem.

OUSAGIZA!!! (my word verification....isn't that what Howard Dean said that got him into so much trouble?)

lee n. field said...

When I read this press blather, why is the first thing I think of 0bama's fellow Chicago hive member Father "Snuffy" Pfleger? (So nicknamed in certain quarters for publicly calling for the murder of folks he doesn't like.)