Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Voyage of the Dawn Treader" begins filming

Garth Franklin reports that production is officially underway on the third novel in C. S. Lewis'
Chronicles of Narnia series.

This is either my favorite, or second-favorite, of the series — though the competitors are close (the first, the third, the fourth and the sixth are pretty close; followed by second and fifth). It also has a good bit of overtly Christian content.

I hope they don't blow it!

Specifically, I hope someone with "pull" has taken seriously the suggestions we considered earlier.


Kim said...

Oh, I hope they don't ruin it, either! It is my favorite of the series. I hope they don't ruin Reepicheep for me! Or the Eustace/Dragon storyline.

Kay said...

Prince Caspian is very much the law of diminishing returns for me when I watch it after what they did to Peter. So I'm nervous.

CGrim said...

Prince Caspian was my least favorite book until I paid more attention to all the forest/axe/root imagery that practically seemed straight out of Isaiah.

Even the idea of "dumb animals" is brilliant on several levels.

People like to say that the Narnia books are clumsy allegory, but there's a ton of subtle symbolism in there, too.

Michael Ward's book, "Planet Narnia," touches on a lot of the symbolism I had missed (but not the Isaiah bit, I noticed that on my own). The book isn't for everyone, but I personally found it fascinating.

Aaron said...

Cool. I just came from the island where they filmed pirates. Btw, for you verizon fans...4 countries...AT&T 4, Verizon and Sprint 0.

Kay said...

Oh Planet Narnia is awesome. The documentary about it was shown on BBC1 a few months ago and it was astonishing to see national television giving un-sarcastic airtime to someone saying 'Look - God has put meaning in the WHOLE universe, and Lewis is telling us that in the Narnia books'.

HIGHLY recommended.

lee n. field said...

Dawn Treader -- that's the one where they sail east and meet the lamb, right?

Yeah, don't blow it.